An Experiment in the Era of Large-scale Online Open Medical Care — SINSO DicomNetwork

The value of large-scale online open medical care

MOOM (Massive Open Online Medicine) large-scale online open medical treatment may be the most valuable thing in medical care in the future. When it comes to medical data and medical records, regulations and privacy may first come to mind, but the anonymous sharing of medical records and medical data has an unexpected public basis. Intel healthcare has done a survey of more than 10,000 people in 8 countries, and 76% of them are willing to share medical records anonymously. If it is to help others or reduce medical expenses, this willingness to share will increase further. Carrying out the largest MOOM (Massive Open Online Medicinel) activity of mankind, and building a globally shared image medical record database, health file, and cancer medical record database are the ultimate dream pursued by mankind and a manifestation of human goodwill. If we continuously record the data of 100,000 cases of certain cancer patients in distributed storage, then the 100,001th person will find experience from the previous data, and the artificial intelligence data training model will be more accurate. We use this This method will greatly improve the efficiency of diagnosis and treatment and reduce medical costs. MOOM was difficult to implement before the Filecoin network was built, because various issues involving privacy, cost, and efficiency made it difficult to promote it on a large scale.

The first MOOM case based on Filecoin-DicomNetwork

MOOM is a very ambitious vision, which requires the efforts of the whole world to realize, but this pace has accelerated.

SINSO is a team from Filecoin’s 1st Global Acceleration Camp that focuses on decentralized medical infrastructure. It regards MOOM as the core goal of decentralized medical care. SINSO also participated in the Vientiane hackathon this time. They are about to show a Filecoin-based project — DicomNetwork (a Filecoin-based omnidirectional global doctors and patients diagnosis platform and storage network), this is a very meaningful practice.

DicomNetwork is based on Filecoin’s is very easy to build web applications, providing users with free access to Filecoin network, storage and retrieval of data opportunities. Users of DicomNetwork are of course free. DicomNetwork is a case for medical big data storage. You can do it yourself, through this case, you can feel that the Filecoin network is already very powerful and practical.

DicomNetwork provides a unique registration method, email-based registration (you can register users by sending any email to ), and you can interact with doctors and patients even without a homepage. DicomNetwork will adopt the CID content addressing storage data method combined with the application to make the best integration, especially the mail system has become the core hub of communication, so that the operation in the mailbox link will greatly improve the security, and we are free from some troubles in the deployment of SaaS .

DicomNetwork is also equipped with a Dicom (medical imaging communication protocol) browser, which puts image processing in the H5 at the front of the browser. If you encounter larger or multiple images (refined CT 3D reconstruction may require thousands of images), you can increase the front-end memory or configure a more powerful edge computing server. In fact, the Filecoin cluster contains many GPU servers. This part is also a computing environment (3D acceleration or AI training) that is particularly required for medical computing. These resources can be fully utilized and called by DicomNetwork.

DicomNetwork is seamlessly integrated with SINSO Getway this time. SINSO Getway standardizes the medical image data processing interface, which conforms to most of the world’s medical image formats. Data can be automatically obtained in medical institutions and stored in categories.

Almost unlimited storage of medical data, and maintaining a certain degree of high security, also requires continuous free storage, all of which seemed impossible in the past. In terms of medical data management, Filecoin has reversed the conservative ecology controlled by centralized companies before, and provided a possibility for MOOM, DicomNetwork is an attempt. At present, the Filecoin mainnet has a capacity of more than 10EB, and the medical field will shine in the Filecoin ecosystem.

Issuing NFT assets for specific fields and cycles of medical data, allowing patients to share anonymously, will be the next function of DicomNetwork that will be expanded. We will see a large number of anonymous contributors who are willing to receive the “medal”. This will also be an exciting time in the history of medical development.

DicomNetwork is permanently open source and free to use. Although DicomNetwork is still in the first stage, we see the potential of the open source ecosystem in the future. The SINSO team did not regard DicomNetwork as a commercial project, but placed it as an independent open source project under the Webmedicallabs medical open source community (

DicomNetwork’s promotional video:

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About the SINSO project

Project Description:

The SINSO team was established in October 2020. It is a global DAC structure organization with core members from Canada, China, Pakistan, Dubai, the United States, and Japan. SINSO has partner members in more than 10 countries around the world.

SINSO, as a medical image data aggregator for telemedicine and AI diagnosis, provides high-quality remote diagnosis and treatment services and then solves the problem of authenticating patient data. Through the NFT issuance template customized for medical data, it encourages users to actively participate in data confirmation, helps users strengthen the process of data collection and data asset conversion, and strengthens the flow of medical data. SINSO also provides the issuance of doctor brand NFT virtual assets, which further promotes doctors’ full free practice.

Users/institutions collect data through SINSO Getway, cast health/medical-related data into NFTs in SINSO DAPP, conduct transactions at SINSO Donors Netwok, and realize the value transfer of medical data. SINSO builds the SINSO DAC ecology based on WEB3 technology, and jointly promotes the human society to enter the era of decentralized medical care.

Feature of product:

SINSO DApp can simply and quickly match experts for consultations and consultations, as well as data confirmation of personal medical records and image data.

SINSO Getway provides data collection standard API interfaces, data preprocessing and privacy calculation modules, and exchanges data with individuals and institutions through standard APIs.

SINSO Donors Network builds an incentive economic model based on the in-depth phenotype analysis model of medical data, automatically matching data purchasers, and incentivizing storage miners and related contributors.

Filecoin / Web 3.0 distributed storage technology guarantees privacy and security.

NFTs provide various medical data templates to aggregate data purchaser resources, so that medical industry organizations such as patients, doctors, and research institutions can better realize their data assets.

Program features:

Senior medical IT/blockchain industry experience; complete medical data decentralized infrastructure architecture and economic model design;

The only medical project of FFA’s TOP11 in the world;

Can issue and trade medical data NFT;

Complete global compliance and market announcements, and in-depth cooperation with many top KOL communities and media in the international blockchain industry.

Compliant Internet hospital license cooperation resources and strong global medical resource integration capabilities and landing execution capabilities;

Project progress:

SINSO launched in October 2020, Joined the Filecoin Frontier acceleration camp in February 2021 and obtained the grant from the protocol laboratory;

In April, the acceleration camp Demo was released, the beta version was released for public testing and the Donors Network was launched;

In May, SINSO Getway public test was released ;

In August, started DicomNetwork, SINSO Box;

In September, launched the Web3medicallabs open source community;

Competitions currently participating: Wanxiang Hackathon, Chia Hackathon;

Implementation projects in progress:

South Africa Malawi International Medical Assistance Project;

Dubai Telemedicine Project;

Pakistan Medical Insurance Project Research and Plan Design;


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