Breaking! #SINSO Community Migration with #Airdrop!

2 min readAug 15, 2023


Dear SINSO Community,

SINSO is adjusting community operations to serve everyone better. As the old community will no longer be active for community management & support after August 21st, please join our new Telegram group as soon as possible!

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Migration Deadline:Aug 21, 11:59 AM UTC

Don’t miss out on staying connected

To maximize the efficiency of this migration, we decided to initiate an Airdrop Campaign! Below you’ll find more details of this event!


📌Complete Tasks

1> Join the new community ASAP and send greetings to the group!

2> Spread the word on social media using #SINSOCommunityMigration. You can send your tweet link to the group!

3> Invite your friends to join! Let him/her @your TG username when greeting the public!


When the total number of members in the new community reaches 10,000+, the selection and distribution of rewards will be carried out according to the rules below.

I. Draw 50 individuals from the first 100 people who joined the new group and distribute 500 SINSO among them.

II. Draw 50 individuals from those ranked 101st to 1000th in terms of joining the group and distribute 250 SINSO among them.

III. Draw 50 individuals from the remaining count within the first 10,000 and distribute 250 SINSO among them.

You may have noticed that the earlier you join, the bigger chance you’ll have to win the airdrop!

Right Now! Join SINSO New Telegram Community and be a part of SINSO Network!

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