Everything you need to know about $FILX ICO (Launch Update: 2023/12/30)

4 min readDec 29, 2023

FILX is the designated token for Filecoin Layer 2. In 2023, the Filecoin-appointed IPFS Layer 2 protocol development team, SINSO, developed FilecoinFVMLaver2 with the aim of helping IPFS to optimize storage solutions and enhance data governance efficiency. Additionally, it contributes to the development of a unified SDK and middleware for FVM, as well as the introduction of excellent ecosystem partners, thereby improving the development environment of FVM’s ecosystem.

$FILX ICO Is Coming Soon!:

We’re thrilled to announce the upcoming ICO of $FILX on December 30th, exclusively on SINSO Official Website https://sinso.io/. This marks a significant milestone in our journey, and we can’t wait for you to join us in this exciting venture. ❄️

🗓️ Mark your calendars and prepare for an opportunity to be part of something groundbreaking. More information will be shared soon, so keep an eye out!

Let’s make this ICO a remarkable success together! 🎉

ICO Schedule and Token Claim Details 🎉

We are excited to announce the detailed schedule for our $FILX ICO:

Date and Time:

Whitelist Round: January 6th to January 7th, 2024, from 04:00 AM UTC to 04:00 AM UTC (First come, first served).

Public Round A: January 8th to January 10rd, 2024, from 4:00 PM UTC to 3:59 PM UTC (First come, first served).

Fundraising Duration: 24 hours for the Whitelist round and 72 hours for the Public Round A.

Token Distribution: Tokens will be distributed on January 11th at 6:00 AM UTC.

Prepare for this landmark event and be ready to participate in both the Whitelist and Public rounds. Let’s make this ICO a milestone for our community! Don’t miss out on our ongoing giveaway events!

ICO Details

ICO Price: 1 $FILX = 1 $USDT

Participation Slots: First come, first served

Vesting Details:

Whitelist Eligibility: Users must first complete a private fundraising amount equivalent to $10,000 USDT to qualify for Whitelist status.

The Whitelist receiving address can accept Filecoin from FVM, or USDT from ERC20 and BEP20:


Public Round A Eligibility: Only users who have secured Whitelist status are eligible to participate in the Public Round fundraising. A total of 4 million PA tokens are available at a fundraising price of $1 per token, with an initial release of 30% and the remainder to be released over 6 months.

Participation Restrictions:

1.Participants must provide multiple valid EVM addresses and ensure the security of their private keys.

2.Each address is limited to a maximum of 300 airdropped FILX tokens.

3.Airdropped tokens will be released linearly over ten periods, each spaced one month apart.

4.The initial token release will be based on the launch price, with subsequent releases adjusted to current market prices.

5.The timing of the first token release will depend on the mainnet launch date.

6.Users who sign this contract must adhere to the following rules for selling airdropped tokens:

1)Sell up to 20% of released tokens when the price is below $5.

2)Sell up to 40% of released tokens when the price is between $5 and $10.

3)Sell up to 50% of released tokens when the price is between $10 and $20.

4)Sell up to 70% of released tokens when the price is between $20 and $40.

5)Sell 100% of released tokens when the price exceeds $40.

7.Participants must pledge 10% of the airdropped tokens as a whitelist deposit. Violating the selling rules will result in the forfeiture of subsequent airdrops and the whitelist deposit.

8.Contract signees will have the right to purchase tokens upon launch, with a limit of 30,000 USDT.

9.Contract signees will become the initial members of the advisory council, having voting rights on FILX development, but not advisory rights.


Total Supply: 100,000,000 $FILX

To ensure a fair and balanced distribution, we’ve set the following vesting schedule for $FILX tokens:

Total Supply: 100,000,000 $FILX

Community Incentives: 70%

Initial Issuance: 5%

Public Sale: 2%

Ecosystem Construction: 3%

Foundation Reserve: 5%

Burn Pool: 5%

Minting Pool: 10%

This tokenomics is designed to ensure the long-term sustainability and growth of the FILX ecosystem. We believe this balanced approach will pave the way for a prosperous future for all our stakeholders.




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