Introduction to SINSO: A Filecoin Layer2 + Infrastructure Based on the Web 3.0 Ecosystem

8 min readOct 16, 2021

The trend we will witness is that the Internet will ultimately come down to the user. In web 2.0 architecture, the back-end database, cloud storage and code logic are deployed in a centralized way. HTTP is a stateless protocol, i.e. the server does not retain any state at the time of the transaction with the client. the world of Web 3.0 is a world where the user is in control of their data assets and actively created world. For example, in Brave Browser, when users surf the Internet, the browser will recommend ads to the readers and at the same time will return a portion of the revenue to the readers. It consumes the user’s data and generates revenue for the user at the same time. More products like this will emerge in the future, allowing users to participate in the operation of the company. During the upgrading and iteration of the sharing economy, the boundaries of the company are blurring and we will build a distributed business organization with DAO and DAC as the architecture. Anyone can build their own long-lasting business at any time based on the distributed network and storage of miners’ anonymous crowdsourcing. As a new data storage and distribution network, the Filecoin network’s mission is to create a distributed, efficient and powerful foundation for human information.

Filecoin is the world’s most important web 3.0 ecosystem, with over 14 EB of capacity built, over 10 billion invested in hardware facilities, and an ecosystem of about 155 projects — applications, developer tools and infrastructure that can be built on the web; 430+ new projects joining the ecosystem through hackathons and gas pedals. We can think of Filecoin as an island economy, where participants come together to produce valuable stored goods and services and export them around the world. This creates a very unique economic model where developers and commercial organizations can take what they need from an “island economy”, where any creation can be based on infrastructure built by others, and where world-class applications can be built quickly with the reuse of tools and resources.

What is SINSO?

SINSO is a Filecoin layer2 + infrastructure based on the Web 3.0 ecosystem. After the capacity of the Filecoin network is built, a series of middleware and various infrastructures needs to be developed for DAPP applications to do a full transition to web 3.0, which is not yet complete in the Filecoin ecosystem. SINSO enables application developers to quickly and efficiently build applications in the Filecoin ecosystem and collaborate with storage providers to advance the Filecoin plus initiative.

SINSO offers 4 major product components.

SINSO Getway

SINSO Getway provides a data collection standard API interface, including an industry-specific communication protocol interface, data pre-processing and privacy calculation module through the standard API for the individual and institutional data exchange. SINSO Getway simplifies the process of data collection and makes the collection process more efficient. The SINSO team will also provide more LDN (large data cap) resources that have been applied and shared with miners to accelerate the implementation of effective data mining applications.

To be able to improve the efficiency of SINSO Getway, we also provide a distributed hot data caching layer to build Hot data mining so that people building the DAPPs do not need to bother building unsafe nearby IPFS full nodes.

Using the SINSO Getway, we can build professional distributed storage applications. SINSO has recently released the first Filecoin Layer2 component based on SINSO Getway, and we have developed our first application based on SINSO Getway: DicomNetwork. This is the first Filecoin-based medical open-source project for a global storage network and diagnostic platform for doctors and patients. DicomNetwork works based on Filecoin’s which is attainable to build web applications and provides users with free access to the Filecoin network for data storing and data retrieval.DicomNetwork is a great case study based on Filecoin layer2 — SINSO Getway — DicomNetwork can efficiently complete Filecoin interactions based on strong support from SINSO Getway. SINSO DicomNetwork is doing the most valuable things according to the concept of MOOM (massive open online medicine). The Dicom 3.0 communication protocol encapsulated by SINSO Getway could theoretically inject tens of billions of dollars worth of medical data into the Filecoin ecosystem.


SINSO DAPP cube is the middleware of the application. The SINSO DAPP online consultation module is the application case of the SINSO DAPP cube. SINSO DAPP also provides a middleware according to FHIR (Fast Health Interoperability Resources) FHIR is a standardized health information transfer protocol for electronic transmission between different applications in the medical field. it can quickly interface with the most mainstream medical information systems in the world.

SINSO Donors Network

SINSO Donors Network is an incentive economy model based on a deep phenotype analysis model of data and a middleware system for data trading. Automating the matching of data purchasers and providing incentives to storage miners and related contributors. NFTs provide a variety of industry data templates and aggregate the data purchasers resources, enabling users, research institutions and others to better leverage and realize data assets.


SINSO DAC is a contractual framework for community governance and incentives, and the combination of SINSO DAC and SINSO Donors Network enables the creation of future data index companies based on NFT collections. The SINSO DAC is a must-have tool for building community-governed distributed business entities that unlock tremendous value from data assets in a collective manner.

Future possibilities of SINSO

SINSO is essentially working the infrastructure of the middle layer of Filecoin, which is layer2 of Filecoin. The completion of the capacity building of the Filecoin network (the economic model crossed the “baseline” last April this year) marks the beginning of the era of the explosion of the application ecosystem development. Because Filecoin still lacks a lot of quality middleware tools, And Filecoin does not yet meet the general needs of DAPPs in terms of efficiency and performance, the transition from Web2.0 to Web3.0 is still a bit difficult, and it is because of the imperfections of the Filecoin ecosystem that gives us a huge opportunity.

The Filecoin network is growing at a rate of 30 petabytes per day, creating a huge challenge and opportunity to populate and collect valid data, and SINSO Getway will be the most important valid data collection tool for the Filecoin ecosystem. In the face of regulatory compliance and data source traceability, SINSO Getway promotes the implementation of Filecoin applications per KYC tagging and classification templates. The demand for this network is already tremendous. In the protocol layer of specific industries, we gradually built in the interface of specific international standards, the transformation of the industry to web 3.0 is inevitable, for example, after the built-in DICOM medical standards, the entire medical-related industries will seamlessly migrate to the Filecoin ecology, just medical digital storage, the global annual market of hundreds of billions of dollars.

SINSO DAPP cube will be the first to release a middleware product for FHIR and Filecoin interoperability. Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR), a draft standard that describes the format and data elements and application interfaces used to exchange electronic medical record data, was developed by Health Level Seven, an international healthcare standard organization. Such an interoperable component will allow current FHIR-based systems to be exchanged smoothly with Filecoin and to migrate to Filecoin storage as a whole. For example, as the largest project expenditure of the UK social welfare system, the government allocated more than 90 billion pounds in 2009, this set of systems and protocols is the FHIR standard. SINSO is to bridge these standard protocols, which provides ease of access to Filecoin for global healthcare systems smoothly.

Donors Network is a self-created NFT infrastructure for dynamic datasets according to SINSO. NFT contextual interaction and associative collaboration will stimulate and guide the use of dynamic datasets. Within several industries, activating data silos and building human data collaboration at scale is of critical importance for human productivity, and then Donors Network provides such a stimulating IDE environment. Effectiveness, orderliness, and massive continuity are all goals of our incentive.

We build the DAC governance structure for NFTs on this foundation, allowing the community to build their own virtual data index companies of all kinds, making the data asset dividend a crowdsourced network dividend. the SINSO DAC will play a decisive role in guiding the rules for virtual data index companies. Essentially the SINSO DAC is a data asset casting machine and is geared to be a DAC for dynamic dataset assets, task-specific crowdsourced tasks that anyone can build. For example, a startup could launch a DAC for a crowdsourced network of 10,000 individuals with sample data on diabetes dynamics and simply set incentive rules for everyone to collect data according to the rules, such as allowing only anonymous contributions of their health data and requiring 3 months of continuous collection, and for individuals to receive a corresponding share of the data according to a token.

SINSO Tokenomics

SINSO token is used for the Web3.0 data ecosystem. As a liquidity medium for production, storage, transaction, incentive, audit, circulation of data assets and NFT, it can also be used for service and discount rights and interests, liquidity pledge, mining, etc.

The Honor Received


Filecoin frontier accelerator, global top 11 Filecoin grant (February 2021)

Crust grant (2021,06)

Wanxiang Hackathon, SINSO’s medical big data product DicomNetwork has entered the final (2021.08)

Chia Hackathon global, top 3, Asia (2021.9)

Product Roadmap

2021 Q3


SINSO BOX Utopian Edition;


Wanxiang Hackathon has entered the final (2021.08)

Chia Hackathon Global, Top 3, Asia(2021.09)

2021 Q4

SINSO Getway v1.0,

Donors Network v1.0,

SINSO Dapp cube v1.0,

Hot data Testnet Mining Online (2021.10)

SINSO Dapp cube v1.0 (2021.12)

2022 Q1

SINSO Getway v2.0,

SINSO Dapp cube v2.0,

Donors Network v2.0 ,

Hot data mining mainnet,

SINSO Dapp cube v2.0

Decentralized Medical NFT Infrastructure (2022.03)

2022 Q2


SINSO Getway Extended v 3.0

SINSO Dapp cube 3.0

Virtual big data index DAC (2022.06)

Decentralized data middleware v1.0 (2022.06)

2022 Q3


SINSO Getway Extended v4.0

2022 Q4


SINSO Getway Extended v5.0

Donors Network V3.0

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