Recruitment for SINSO Getway Validator Nodes

2 min readMay 18, 2023


Great news! The Application for the first batch of SINSO Mainnet Validator Nodes is now open! Limited to 60 Validator Nodes. First come, first served!

Why Join as SINSO Getway Validator Nodes?

As the crucial components of our blockchain infrastructure, Validator Nodes are responsible for monitoring and evaluating the workload of storage nodes. They play a pivotal role in upholding system security, reliability, and consensus mechanisms.

Within our infrastructure, Validator Nodes consist of a high-performance cluster of machines equipped with robust computational resources. These nodes diligently monitor, scrutinize, and authenticate transactions through their signing and verification capabilities, ensuring the validity, integrity, and adherence to established rules. Moreover, they proactively monitor the operational status of storage nodes, promptly identifying and reporting any irregularities to uphold the overall security and stability of the system.

To ensure a fair evaluation of storage node workloads, we have meticulously designed a comprehensive assessment mechanism.

Whenever a Storage Node completes certain tasks, the Validator Nodes assess its performance and assign corresponding scores.

At the same time, inadequate Storage Nodes are promptly penalized by Validator Nodes, ensuring the stability and healthy operation of the entire system.

In essence, Validator Nodes form the cornerstone of our blockchain infrastructure, assuming a paramount role in safeguarding system stability and security. Our Validator Nodes employ cutting-edge techniques and a robust evaluation mechanism, guaranteeing a fair assessment of storage node performance and the overall health of our system.

A more important role on the blockchain with industry-competitive income! Don't hesitate to join us!

Simple Intro to Application for SINSO Getway Validator Nodes

  • Process

2023/5/18-2023/5/25 File out the Application Form

2023/5/25-2023/5/27 Qualification Review

2023/5/28 Whitelist Released (SINSO official twitter & email)

Since 2023/5/25 Validator Nodes building


  • Configuration Requirements for One Validator Node
    8 cores 32g
    Bandwidth >100m
    Disk >1T
    Key point: each Node must have an independent IP (foreign) network must be stable
    P.s. The Validator Node will receive and verify the message of the Storage Node and provide a signature. If the machine configuration is small or the network is unstable, the node will go offline and directly affect the income.

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