SINSO and Data Privacy Protection

The separation of data ownership and data-use right has been a long time issue, We are in a very bad situation regarding medical data operation and privacy protection. 10The <<2017 Data Breach Investigation Report>> released by Verizon shows that, in terms of data leakage severity, health care area is second only to the financial industry, accounting for 15%. Regarding the reasons , 62% are related to hacker attacks. Data added to the global electronic health care record system is growing by 5.5% yearly. Moreover, medical data contains sensitive patients’ data, making medical area a hard place for hacker attacks.

Average cost of medical data leakage reached to 7.13 million USD in 2020, which is an increase of more than 10% over 2019. Green bone networks analyzed about 2300 online PACS service around the world from mid-July to early September 2019. According to their report ,“ these data includes more than 737 million medical radiology images, and 400 million radio graphic images are accessible ,or can be downloaded from the internet easily. That means a big part of the data are not protected ,and there is no access restrictions. Researchers estimate that the value of leaked data on dark web may exceed 1 billion USD. And a HHS ( US Department of Health and Human Service ) report released in April estimated that the average value of medical health data on dark web is $250, and close to $1000 at most. Again, medical data comes with high value, and this is in line with File coin’s positioning.

And we should put high attention on these data and find long time storage solutions since they will improve human civilization. Hospital visits information leakage will not only brings patients safety threats, legal proceedings and reputations serious cases, it could also threat social security. Online data can’t be absolutely secure, or we can archive data offline. If we need to use them online with a relatively high level of security. We can make it through matured cryptography technologies such as verifiable computing, secure multilateral computing, zero-knowledge proof and homomorphic encryption.

These components will be integrated in the SINSO Gateway, and data will be pre-processed in the collecting step. Not all scenes require a high-security environment, we need to process them hierarchically. PortableAs the core production factor of the new era, medical data is unprocessed and lacks protection of original data. It is difficult to generate value due to the portability and ease of duplication of data.

The CID of the file we store on filecoin is controlled by a smart contract, so that with the help of Polkadot, the security of the system is maintained and the gas consumption of running the contract is reduced. In order to be able to manipulate these data flexibly and maintain high security and privacy.

we will deploy contracts on the Plasm Network Polkadot platform. We can give the data strong programmability and autonomy. Suppose we can sell our data to an insurance company through an AI data agent. This process is the autonomy of the data, and there will be no privacy violations during the transaction.

SINSO is a Filecoin Layer2 + infrastructure based on the Web 3.0 Ecosystem