SINSO Application-Ecosystem Cooperation Program

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As the infrastructure architecture of Filecoin Layer2, SINSO provides related components and tools for Filecoin to build a strong web3.0 application ecosystem and speed up the storage of effective data. Supplying with comprehensive technical support, we help developers based on the Filecoin ecosystem build efficient and powerful Web 3.0 applications.

Potentials of SINSO App Ecosystem

As the infrastructure architecture of Filecoin Layer2, SINSO has its distinct advantages for being backed by the Filecoin ecosystem. Filecoin is the world’s largest web3.0 infrastructure and the world’s largest zero-knowledge proof network.

The current Filecoin ecosystem already has:

14+ EiB storage power

3690+ SPs (Storage Providers)

750+ new ecosystem projects

280+ orgs building on network & more!

With such resources and the support of Protocol Labs, we can expand our ecological partners community on a global scale. Since the main focus of the Filecoin ecosystem is distributed storage, it can develop all-around cooperation with other ecosystems rather than competition.

Needs Made by SINSO

  • Valid Data Mining

At present, the Filecoin ecosystem is promoting the LDN (Large data cap) project. As one of the earliest ecological partners of Filecoin, SINSO has already obtained a share of LDN. Thus, SINSO can get more Fil income together with miners who want to participate in valid data mining. We can exchange our LDN share for miners’ ecological cooperation and community support.

At present, we have begun cooperating with our early miner investors and are working on projects for valid data encapsulation.

• Sidechain of FVM

Filecoin will launch in Q2 2022 the Filecoin Virtual Machine, through which integrated web3 applications can be built. While given the high gas cost of FVM, SINSO as an FVM Layer2 would be an economically viable option for partners to build applications. Besides, SINSO will also be fully integrated with the Filecoin data layer. We can regard SINSO as the first network of FVM, on which more bold ideas can be run.

(It is very similar to Polkadot’s pioneer network KUSAMA.)

• Data DAOs

While DAOs will take off in 2022, the innovative contribution of SINSO will be the governance related to DAO and data layer, or in short, Data DAOs. Utilizing the data layer of Filecoin as the basis, Data DAOs treats data as an important governance element, which is key to distinguishing it from ordinary DAO. The application ecology based on Data DAOs will also be the core competitiveness of SINSO.

Main Features & Advantages of the SINSO Ecosystem

• High-Speed Cache Network

Through the Distributed Cache Network built by SINSO Getway, application ecosystem partners can selectively store data into the Filecoin ecosystem without worrying about efficiency issues.

• Valid Data Set Mining (valid data nodes earn SINSO token)

The effective data collection nodes we provide will motivate real application data providers to obtain additional rewards, the most direct one being the Fil reward.

• FVM Sidechain

The FVM Sidechain, which will be launched earlier than FVM, will be fully compatible with the Ethereum EVM, and can seamlessly port applications to SINSO to realize distributed data storage in the Filecoin ecosystem. The reasons for porting to SINSO lie in the lower gas fees and faster efficiency on SINSO, and its core contribution to building Web3 applications that can seamlessly integrate data and smart contracts.

• DApp Cube Middleware

SINSO provides an application-oriented middleware platform according to industry characteristics. These components were developed by SINSO in the early stage. After the establishment of the DAO architecture, eco-partners will be fully involved, and each middleware release and operation can be rewarded by SINSO.

• Dynamic Dataset NFT

SINSO will provide templates for dataset NFTs with data not centralized stored, thus avoiding the risk of being deleted by storage providers.

• Data DAOs

As a DAO framework centered on data governance.

For example, we will launch an application called “Data Land”, on which we can build a virtual asset territory with our core asset made of our data like related accounts, logos, NFTs, and related facilities. We by maintaining these assets, can add our data to various DAO organizations to contribute and gain dividends. The resources of “Data Land”, including accounts, should be relatively scarce assets. We airdrop the users who have obtained these accounts, so that everyone can actively participate.

Benefits that SINSO can bring to partners

• Get SINSO token by storing valid data

• Get SINSO token by deploying DApps

• Low-cost FVM Sidechain

Before and after FIL launches FVM, FVM applications can be issued based on SINSO.

• Data DAOs, an advanced form of data governance

• Empowerment from the Filecoin and the SINSO ecosystem

• Community empowerment and cooperation

Our community partners and investors come from all over the world, most of which are currently located in various European countries, followed by Asia. We strongly support our ecological projects in terms of branding and industry influence by connecting with our global resources.

SINSO Ecosystem RoadMap

SINSO Getway Part1: End of Jan

FVM Sidechain: End of February (Before FVM )

Data DAOs: End of March

Ecosystem Partners (Assessed)

DicomNetwork — — MedicalFi (Healthcare Data)

Artha Health — — Sports&Healthcare Data

SINSO BOX — — Combination of Payment & Donation & Insurance & Mining

We are currently talking with more projects and plan to make an application portal on the official website, and projects can apply for a free trial of our SINSO Getway by themselves.

How Projects Deeply Cooperate with SINSO Ecology?

Option 1 ⇨ SINSO GATEWAY: Distributed storage of valid data in the Filecoin ecosystem

As a distributed-cache secondary network based on Filecoin, SINSO Getway is built for current use scenarios required by Gamefi, VR, AR, video streaming, as well as high-speed CDN and DAPP response. In addition to ensuring decentralization, user data privacy and security, SINSO Getway meanwhile focuses on improving efficiency. The valid data upload interface provided by SINSO makes it easy for individuals and institutions to use Filecoin’s storage resources.

When we build DAPPs, we usually use centralized storage or build IPFS nodes ourselves, which wastes resources and cannot guarantee the security of data.

Using SINSO Getway, you don’t have to worry about how to technically realize the data storage in the Filecoin ecosystem, We can layer the persistent data layer and the cache layer, and we can encrypt the data., we provide comprehensive technical support, and you are able to efficiently complete your data storage.

Option 2⇨SINSO FVM Sidechain: The first network of Filecoin FVM

The launch of Filecoin FVM is to seamlessly integrate smart contracts and data. FVM neither competes with ETH nor with public chains such as SOL. The positioning of FVM is to serve the Filecoin ecosystem, focusing on data applications. After Filecoin launches FVM, the gas fee for running applications will not be cheap, so there needs to be an advanced network to build some innovative applications in a compatible way with EVM. A bit similar to Polkadot’s kusama.

SINSO is a Filecoin Layer 2 network that builds a distributed data cache network for DApps to easily and quickly interact with Filecoin. SINSO can also define and manage valid data through protocol stacks, improving the storage and economic incentive efficiency of the Filecoin network.

As the first network side chain of Filecoin, SINSO allows developers to simulate the FVM environment for low-cost testing, and SINSO will become a laboratory for core innovations in the FIlecoin ecosystem. Using SINSO FVM Sidechain, smart contracts can be run in a fully FVM-compatible manner, and various innovations can be tried in a low gas fee environment. Examples should include the early start-up Socialfi, Gamefi, and other parts involving designing smart contracts.

Option 3⇨DApp Cube Middleware

SINSO provides an application-oriented middleware platform for industry applications.

Using the DApp Cube architecture, you can build industrial-grade data middleware to facilitate the analysis and processing of big data. The built-in industry-standardized data collection protocol helps Web2.0 businesses to fully turn to Web3.0.

Option 4⇨SINSO Data DAOs

SINSO Data DAOs are our important data ecological facilities. It has a built-in DAO framework, and we can issue our own DAOs according to this framework. This DAO is more inclined to the governance of data assets.

Using SINSO Data DAOs, we can use SINSO ecological resources to promote projects and participate in pledge mining. More importantly, we can build a future-oriented data index company governing public data in the way of DAO.