SINSO at Blockchain Vibes Summit 2022 in Lagos

(SINSO CBO Mariya & CTO Franklin joining in pictures with guests of the events)


Blockchain Vibes focuses on educating people about the blockchain industry applications, bringing people into a decentralized future, and raising awareness about the evolution of currency. The event gained a lot of attention from global NFT and DeFi leaders, international businesses, government representatives, technologists, investors, developers, and KOLs like TheMoonCarl, Davinci Jeremie, and Grey Jabesi, to name a few. The event is open, educational, and interactive. Representatives participating in this event shared the vision of Luno, Boundlesspay, Techpoint Africa, Qitmeer Network, Bundle, etc. SINSO team has exchanged ideas with a bundle of projects, with which SINSO will launch further cooperation negotiations.

The Passion of SINSO Fans

On June 30, SINSO posted a tweet to recruit volunteers for the summit, attracting many local fans. In the end, Kafayat and Eze Michael, as volunteers of SINSO as well as Sonior representatives in Nigeria, made great contributions to the smooth implementation of the event. Thank you for everything you have done for SINSO!

(SINSO Fans gathering in front of SISNO displays for pictures)

Presentation Highlights

From the beginning, Mariya has pointed out that Data is the most important personal asset in the future. SINSO is committed to building the Web3.0 ecosystem for DAPPs, focusing on high-speed Decentralized Cache and Data-governance. With an architecture designed to seamlessly migrate data to Web3.0, SINSO has provided a solution to the efficiency issues on Web3.0‘s decentralized Data storage network, and a variety of components for developers to assist in DAPPs iteration and migration in(to) web3.0‘s decentralized Data storage Network.

(SINSO CBO Mariya presenting)



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Web3.0 Infrastructure Simplifying Decentralized HotData Cache and Data Governance