SINSO Bi-weekly Newsletter

3 min readMay 22, 2023

Great news!
SINSO is now listed on the XT platform (TGE)
To buy SINSO tokens, please visit:


We’re thrilled to announce that SINSO Mainnet has built over 4,000 nodes in total!
Whether you’re a seasoned miner or new to SINSO, we invite you to join our Mainnet mining. By becoming a Node Guarantor with $SINSO purchased on, you can now actively participate in SINSO Mainnet mining and earn high-performance digital assets as rewards.
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I. Apply for a free AWS storage node
Exciting news for SINSO miners! SINSO has established a partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world’s leading cloud computing provider.
To express our gratitude to our miners, we are offering an exclusive opportunity to deliver 20 AWS storage nodes, each with a 3-month free usage period). Don’t miss out on this chance to explore cutting-edge Web3 mining with the combined power of Amazon and SINSO.
To apply, simply click the link below. Please keep in mind that only one application per ID is allowed, and availability is granted on a first-come, first-served basis.
Apply now:

II. Application for SINSO Mainnet Validator Nodes

We have exciting news to share! The application for the first batch of SINSO Mainnet Validator Nodes is now open!
Please note that there is a limit of 60 validator nodes available, so it will be a first-come, first-served opportunity. Validator Nodes are an integral part of our blockchain infrastructure and play a crucial role in upholding system stability and security.
Validator Nodes play a crucial role in ensuring the fair assessment of storage nodes’ performance and maintaining the overall health of our system. With advanced technology and thorough evaluation mechanisms, we strive to create a secure and efficient ecosystem.
Don’t miss this chance to be part of shaping the future of decentralized technology. Submit your application today and join us on this remarkable journey!
Submit your application here:
For more details, click on the article link below:


I. "Turkish Vanguard" SINSO Airdrop Campaign
We are thrilled to announce that the "Turkish Vanguard" SINSO Airdrop Campaign has concluded successfully, and the winners have been selected and rewarded! You can find the list of winners by clicking on the following link:

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all the participants for their enthusiastic support and engagement. We assure you that more exciting campaigns and events are in the pipeline, so stay tuned for further updates!

II. Twitter Space with @Stepnofficial
We are excited to share that on May 13, SINSO CCO Azmat and Yawn Rong, co-founder of StepN, engaged in a captivating discussion titled "StepN and AIGC Explore Web3: Unlocking the Unlimited Potential of the Future Digital Ecosystem".
StepN is a remarkable Web3 lifestyle application that incentivizes users for their physical activity. By utilizing Stepn NFTs, users can earn income while engaging in outdoor activities such as walking, jogging, and running.
If you missed this enlightening event, you can watch the replay by following this link:


We are thrilled to announce that we have achieved more than 50 strategic partnerships, encompassing a wide range of projects, including public chains, cross-chain bridges, DApps, NFTs, wallets, GameFi, and more.
As we move forward, we are committed to further expanding the SINSO ecosystem and strengthening our global influence.




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