SINSO Bi-weekly Newsletter

3 min readMay 9, 2023


SINSO — The Web3.0 infrastructure focusing on decentralized high-speed cache and FVM-based data governance. SINSO team is composed of top technical members from all over the world. Drawing support from the up-to-date achievements of the Filecoin network, SINSO will expand the middle layer of Web3.0 and solve the application iteration problems caused by Filecoin’s lack of a complete ecological infrastructure system. Without further ado, let’s get to the highlights of the past two weeks.

Great news!
SINSO is now listed on the XT platform (TGE)
To buy SINSO tokens, please visit:

We welcome anyone interested in SINSO Mainnet mining to get started today. You can now participate in SINSO Mainnet mining and earn high-performance digital assets in return!
Staking tutorial

I. SINSO Turkish Ambassador
On May 5, we officially introduced @CryptoID0 as SINSO Turkish Ambassador (internship)!

II. Community Quiz * 3
Over the past two weeks, we hosted three Community Quizzes, two in the SINSO Official Telegram Community and one in the SINSO Turkish Community.
The three quizzes in total had over 100 participants! We have more community events planned, so make sure to stay tuned for more exciting opportunities to engage with SINSO community.

III. The April Task Results for Sonior-Ambassador Program
The April Task Results for Sonior-Ambassador Program will be available soon. After the results are released, there will be a 3-day appeal period.
If you have questions about the results during this period, please DM @Alexis-SINSO on the Discord server.
Please note❗: All appeals must be filed within the appeal period, after which none will be considered.

I. "Turkish Vanguard" SINSO Airdrop Campaign
We are pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the "Turkish Vanguard" SINSO Airdrop Campaign and extend our gratitude to all participants. We will be announcing the winners within the next 7 days, so keep an eye out for the announcement.
During the period from April 25 to May 7, we had over 120,000 participants from the community, making it a resounding success.
The whole campaign was comprised of three sections, including Community Incentives, Task Points Module, and Community Quiz.
Here are the details:

II. Twitter Space with @AydinCGur
Lastly, on April 28th, SINSO CCO Azmat and Turkish Key Opinion Leader & mining representative, M. Ali Arslan gave a comprehensive explanation of SINSO and SINSO mining together.
The theme was “SINSO: From Storage to Cloud Computing - A Decentralized Storage ‘Renaissance’”. If you are interested in SINSO mining, we highly recommend watching the replay

As of today, we are proud to say that the total number of SINSO Mainnet nodes has reached 4,929. In addition, supported by a strong community, the network now has 3,888 staked nodes. We sincerely invite all web developers to build the SINSO ecosystem with us.




Web3.0 Infrastructure Simplifying Decentralized HotData Cache and Data Governance