SINSO Bi-weekly Newsletter

4 min readAug 14, 2023


Attention, SINSO Community!

Exciting News:

I. Purchase SINSO

We’re excited to announce that SINSO is now available on two major platforms! You can easily buy SINSO on MEXC and XT platforms. Take this opportunity to get SINSO and be a part of our growing community.




I. Amstar Mainnet Staking Nodes Surpass 6,000 — Brace Yourselves!

We’ve hit a staggering milestone — over 6,000 staking nodes in the Amstar Mainnet! You can purchase $SINSO on or MEXC and become a node guarantor to enjoy node revenue without the complexities of mining equipment.

Check out our Staking Tutorial to kickstart your SINSO journey:

Staking Tutorial: Becoming a Node Guarantor

II. Introducing SINSO Donors Network & SINSO POS: A Next-Gen User Community!

The foundation of SINSO’s network has made a quantum leap from 0 to 1. And guess what’s next? We’re setting our sights on an expanding application ecosystem. Dive into the SINSO’s next plans, click here:

Unveiling SINSO Donors Network: Why SINSO Donors Network

III. Network Upgrade Notice — Unleash the Power on August 31st!

SINSO is powering up its Amstar Chain and POS model. Brace yourself because our Cross-Chain Bridge is about to open on August 31st. We appreciate your understanding during this upgrade, but trust us, it’s going to be worth it!


Global Expansion — Community Research

SINSO is going global with local communities sprouting up in India, Turkey, South Korea, Japan, and beyond! We’ve rolled out a community survey on August 4th, 2023, to make sure we’re bringing you exactly what you crave. We’ll use this data to align our marketing plans with the community’s needs.


I. Twitter Space: AI, Blockchain & Beyond!

On August 1, 12:00 UTC, SINSO CCO Azmat hosted a discussion featuring Adam Li, Co-founder @metabitofficial, and Salman, SMM @INTOverse_.

They’re unraveling the AI and blockchain breakthroughs in the new era of Web3. If you’re interested in this topic, catch the replay using the link:

Catch the Replay of AI & Blockchain

II. Twitter Space: Gaming & AI Unite!

SINSO CCO Azmat teamed up with Miko and Jason to dive deep into the world of Web3 gaming and AI on August 4th, 12:00 UTC. If you’re interested in this topic, catch the replay using the link:

Catch the Replay of Web3 Gaming & AI

III. SINSO CBO in Twitter Space!

SINSO CBO Brian Lau rocked the Twitter Space stage at @FIBOGlobal themed “Layer2 is seriously in-coiled, and the next round of bull market is expected to rise in the vertical segments of the public chain.”

Get ready for some top-notch insights on rising public chains in the next bull market, you don’t want to miss this:

Experience the @FIBOGlobal Twitter Space Here


I. Partnership with Puffverse

On August 1st, SINSO announced its eco-partnership with Puffverse, a 3D metaverse powered by Web3. Keep an eye out for more exciting collaborations to come!

II. Partnership with WOD

On August 4th, SINSO officially announced its eco-partnership with WOD (World of Distributed AI Training), a decentralized platform for efficient, secure, and transparent AI training.

The unique WOD system rewards contributors with WOD tokens for their AI training efforts, ensuring data integrity and privacy and enhancing AI training participation.

III. Partnership with ThunderCore

On August 9th, SINSO announced its eco-partnership with ThunderCore, a powerful blockchain and thriving ecosystem, empowering visionary developers in mobile experiences. Stay updated on marketing activities through SINSO’s official Twitter and community!

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