SINSO Bi-weekly Newsletter

4 min readAug 28, 2023


Attention, SINSO Community!

Exciting News:

I. Purchase SINSO

We’re excited to announce that SINSO is now available on two major platforms! You can easily buy SINSO on MEXC and XT platforms. Take this opportunity to get SINSO and be a part of our growing community.




Gear Up for the Cross-Chain Bridge

The upgrades for the Amstar Chain and POS model are almost wrapped up, and mark your calendars for August 31st, that’s when the SINSO Cross-Chain Bridge is all set to open.


I. SINSO Community Migration

We’re taking our SINSO Telegram community to a new level and welcoming Keiko (@XHidetaro7) as our Ambassador. As a huge thank-you for your unswerving support, we’ve lined up a whopping $1000 in SINSO tokens for you! Join the new SINSO community and claim your bounty:

💰 Claim Your SINSO Tokens

IMPORTANT: The old community will no longer be used for community management and support. So hurry and hop onto the new SINSO community to stay up-to-date: 👇

II. The Marvelous Meeting: SINSO CBO Meets Michael Owen

Dreams became reality on August 24th for SINSO CBO Brian Lau. He finally came face to face with his childhood hero, soccer legend Michael Owen, and even showed off some header skills.

It might have taken a few tries, but what truly counted was the incredible experience itself. In the world of SINSO, dreams are absolutely within reach!


Twitter Space with 小耳朵: Embarking on a Web3 Adventure

On August 23rd, at 8 pm Hong Kong time, SINSO CBO Brian teams up with the esteemed cryptocurrency influencer & iPollo community ambassador, 小耳朵.

Together, they unraveled the mysteries of SINSO’s role in Web3 data storage and discussed the exciting future of data caching and governance technologies. Missed it? Catch the magic here:

🔥 Relive the Twitter Space

To celebrate the launch of the SINSO Donor Network Incentive Model and the expansion of the SINSO Chinese community, we have also organized an airdrop event to give participants the opportunity to participate and benefit from this exciting development.

We invite you to become part of SINSO, explore the future of blockchain and contribute to the progress of Web3.


I. Partnership with 72SevenDeuce

On August 18th, SINSO officially announced a partnership with @72SevenDeuce.

Seven Deuce is redefining TexasPoker through GameFi, merging poker with blockchain, introducing “Lose2Earn” mechanic, and guaranteeing rewards for both Winners & Losers.

II. Partnership with Fibonacci

On August 23rd, SINSO officially announced an ecological partnership with Fibonacci.

@FIBOGlobal is a high-performance blockchain focused on creating a tailored SocialFi ecosystem for the social and creator sectors.

III. Partnership & Datagen

On August 24th, SINSO officially announced a partnership with Datagen. With a remarkable track record spanning 15 years in AI, IoT, Big Data, and Healthcare, Datagen has built the robust main network, HI-TRAFER. It aims to commercialize Korea’s premier blockchain, ushering in efficiency, security, and transparency in transactions.

As we embrace the future, Datagen will grow into a global company by focusing on new future businesses, including Industrial Property, DID, Intellectual Property, P2E, Gaming, and METABUS.

Stay tuned for the next chapter of SINSO’s exhilarating journey!




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