SINSO^MEXC Trading Contest

3 min readMay 31, 2023


We are pleased to announce that SINSO will list the trading pair SINSO/USDT on MEXC! To celebrate this collaboration, we specifically started this fascinating trading competition, giving SINSO users the chance to reap rich rewards.

Whether you are a seasoned trading professional or a beginner in crypto assets trading, this competition gives you a great chance to show off your trading abilities and win fantastic prizes.

The prerequisites for competing are completing the MEXC identity verification process and abiding by the rules and conditions of the MEXC exchange. This will guarantee honest competition and openness in business dealings, leveling the playing field for all parties.

The essential details of this trading competition are as follows:

Activity time: 9AM UTC, May 31, 2023 to 9AM UTC, June 6, 2023

Prize pool: 4500 $SINSO

Activity content

I. Trading pair: SINSO/USDT

II. Scoring rules

Participants are awarded points based on their trading volume.

III. Winners Selection

A. Participation Award — The total prize amount of the Participation Award is 2000 $SINSO; participants need to have a cumulative trading volume that reaches a minimum value of $100 in SINSO (considered points>=100) in order to be eligible for the Participation Award. 200 lucky users will be randomly selected among those who are qualified to participate in the award selection, and 2000 $SINSO will be shared equally.

B. Among the participants whose total trading volume is >=$3000 in SINSO (considered >=3000 points), they will be awarded from the 1st place to the 50th place. The specific reward amount and rules are as follows.

IV. Fair play:

All participants must abide by the regulations and terms of the exchange and follow the principles of fair competition.

V. Disclaimer:

Participants enter the contest at their own risk.

The exchange and the project party are not responsible for any loss or damage that the participants may suffer.

VI. Task Verification

You need to submit the task berification form before 9AM UTC, June 6, 2023.


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