SINSO Monthly Newsletter

3 min readNov 30, 2023

Attention SINSO Community!

Here is what’s new from the past month in case you missed any!

First of all, You know that as a prominent cornerstone of the Web3.0 ecosystem, SINSO spearheads decentralized high-speed caching and FVM-based data governance. Our esteemed technical team comprises top talents from across the globe, uniting their expertise to revolutionize the infrastructure of Web3.0. By expanding the middle layer of Web3.0 through the thriving Filecoin network, we tackle the hurdles posed by the inadequate completion of the Filecoin ecosystem infrastructure, paving the way for seamless application iteration and migration. Join us as we bring unparalleled innovation and convenience to the world of decentralized technology. So without further ado, let’s get to the main point of this newsletter!


Purchasing SINSO

SINSO is available on XT, seize this opportunity and be part of our thriving community!



I. Burn $SINSO, Get $FILX

SINSO redemption for FILX is ongoing, the first round of 1,000,000 SINSO was redeemed in 4 hours! FilDAO is an autonomous organization dedicated to the development of FVM Layer2. It was formed by the FilDAO community and SINSO with quality developers from around the world.
Click to read the Medium article below to learn more about how to redeem SINSO for FILX.


I. Community Migration

SINSO is in the process of reorganizing its community operations, and the former SINSO Telegram community has been suspended. If you have not yet joined the new SINSO community, you can click the link below, and information about SINSO will be synchronized in this community.

SINSO English:


I. The Future of FVM in Web3 Carnival Night

SINSO’s offline conference “The Future of FVM in Web3 Carnival Night”, held on November 15 at the SWISSÔTEL BOSPHORUS Hotel in Istanbul, came to a successful conclusion. We invited industry experts to share their views on the innovation of decentralized technology, and the guests also expressed their suggestions and enjoyed the night.


With the rise of Web3 marking the dawn of a new era where distributed storage and decentralization are key, SINSO delivers a public presentation at IPC to share industry insights and innovative ideas.


“The Future of FVM In Web3 Carnival Night” to explore the revolutionary Web3 era with Filecoin and FVM. A night where industry experts, developers, and enthusiasts unite to shape the future of decentralized storage and applications. Witness this historic moment in Shenzhen.



Odaily Planet — At the “Web3 Era — The Future of Filecoin Night” event organized by SINSO and FilDAO in Istanbul, SINSO showcased its progress in data caching and governance and emphasized the importance of the Filecoin ecosystem to the Web3 world.
The event focused on the role of Filecoin and its virtual machines (FVMs) in building the Web3 platform. The event attracted experts, developers and investors in the field. Special guests included Clara Tsao of Filecoin Foundation and Colin Evran of Protocol Labs.




Web3.0 Infrastructure Simplifying Decentralized HotData Cache and Data Governance