SINSO Monthly Newsletter

4 min readOct 31, 2023

Attention SINSO Community!

Here is what’s new from the past month in case you missed any!

First of all, You know that as a prominent cornerstone of the Web3.0 ecosystem, SINSO spearheads decentralized high-speed caching and FVM-based data governance. Our esteemed technical team comprises top talents from across the globe, uniting their expertise to revolutionize the infrastructure of Web3.0. By expanding the middle layer of Web3.0 through the thriving Filecoin network, we tackle the hurdles posed by the inadequate completion of the Filecoin ecosystem infrastructure, paving the way for seamless application iteration and migration. Join us as we bring unparalleled innovation and convenience to the world of decentralized technology. So without further ado, let’s get to the main point of this newsletter!


Purchasing SINSO

SINSO is available on both XT and MEXC, seize this opportunity and be part of our thriving community!




I. Burn $SINSO, Get $FILX

The first installment of burning SINSO to convert to FILX is now open;

The first redemption amount is 100,000 FILX;

The redemption period will be from October 30, 2023 to November 6, 2023.

For more details, please check:

II. Mining Program Updated

SINSO mining program has been upgraded, and the new automatic withdraw function has been added.

SINSO storage node miners and guarantors must update the mining program in time and turn on the automatic withdraw function according to the tutorial, otherwise your revenue will be affected.

The tutorial of how to operate POW auto-token function:

For Miners:

For Guarantors:


I. FVM IPFS Layer2 Launch Event

On October 17th, the FVM IPFS Layer2 launch event held by SINSO partner FilDAO in Chengdu, China ended successfully! FilDAO has always been committed to pushing the frontiers of digital technology, working with Sinso and developers around the world to explore the infinite possibilities of Web3.0.

II. FilDAO Launch

Warmly celebrate SINSO eco-partners, FMW eco-project FilDAO eco-launch event on October 10th in Suzhou, China, a successful conclusion! SINSO CTO Franklin delivered a speech at the meeting, a detailed introduction to SINSO and SINSO’s solutions to the current layer0 problems.


I. Twitter Space & FilDAO

On October 16th at 20:00 UTC+8, SINSO CTO Franklin and FilDAO Chinese Community Consultant Martin discussed the topic of “On the Wave of Web 3.0: Opportunities and Impact of FilDAO” in this online AMA. SINSO has always been committed to pushing the frontiers of digital technology and exploring the infinite possibilities of Web3.0 with FilDAO and developers around the world.

Replay link:

II. SINSO Twitter Space

On October 6th at 18:00 UTC, Una, VP PR & Communications of SINSO was a guest at the Twitter Space organized by @PopularExchange, with the theme “Explore the Future of Crypto”. Guests gathered to share their insights on the sub-topic.

Replay link:


I. Partnership & @4metas

On October 16th, SINSO proudly announced its eco-partnership with @4metas. For Metas is building an aggregated application platform that provides a seamless and engaging entertainment experience for users. The goal is to build a one-stop hub for users to gain access to various entertainment resources including but not limited to blockchain games, live streaming, social Dapp, metaverse and AR/VR within one platform in a fast, secured, permissionless, incentivized and decentralized way.

II. Partnership & FoxCapital

On October 27th, SINSO proudly announced its eco-partnership with Fox Capital. Fox Capital is a one-stop blockchain packaging incubation and operation platform, and its team will customize and provide the most suitable solution for each project.The collaboration between the SINSO team and Fox Capital will inject innovative momentum into the field of decentralized storage and Data DAO governance, and help DAPPs step into the era of Web 3.0 more easily.




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