SINSO Newsletter

2021.09 third week

The world’s first decentralized healthcare + NFT infrastructure project


· Operations staff continue to recruit.


· DicomNetwork has been released.

· The testnet continues to fix bugs and adjust the testnet pledge contract.

· “SINSO BOX Utopia edition” completes the DEMO version.


· Successfully carried out the online AMA on September 12.

· Successfully held the Distributed Storage Conference in Chengdu on September 13.

· The establishment ceremony of Web3MedicalLabs was successfully held.


· Twitter articles:

· Medium articles:

· Promotional video of Wanxiang Hackathon:

· Filecoin releases SINSO news:


· The September fund-raising plan is under implementation.

· We are in contact with several investors one after another.


Recent activities:

· It is expected that the official telegram community will conduct an AMA event next week.

· Chia hackathon closing ceremony roadshow;

SINSO is A Decentralized Healthcare+ NFT Infrastructure Based on the Filecoin Web 3.0 Ecosystem