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The Question Arising

With the development of Web3.0, the isolated data land has greatly restricted interoperability. But what attracts our attention in addition to cross-chain assets, should be data. If regard Filecoin as the data base, it would be a great idea to use its content addressing (CID) to ensure data security and consistency. However, there exist limitations to this idea, including the efficiency issues of interactions in Filecoin. How to further advance cross-chain operation and expand its connotation? — The combination of Poly Network and SINSO will improve the flexibility and extensibility of Web3 applications. In essence, Poly Network never confined itself to the cross-chain of assets; and always agrees with SINSO on the big picture.

The Significance of SINSO * Poly Network Cooperation

Poly Network’s vision is: To enhance connections between ledgers by providing interoperability in Web 3.0. This interoperability can be further augmented in conjunction with SINSO Getway, while further improving the security of NFT metadata assets. “Ensuring atomicity operation in NFT transactions” is an integral part of the future NFT market.

SINSO provides a decentralized caching layer combined with content addressing that allows NFT metadata to be kept consistent and immutable. In cross-chain operations, the use of CID will relieve you from worrying about how data is stored and organized in(to) Filecoin, nor the consistency and security issues in the rollback of cross-chain transactions, or even cost — there are very low-cost solutions.

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SINSO can also extend NFT across chains to Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Optimism, HECO, OKC, Neo, Ontology, Zilliqa, Elrond, Gnosis Chain, and so on, greatly realizing the application value of metadata. Compared with other cross-chain systems, Poly Network s more environmentally friendly due to its feature of easy embedding. Cross-chain operations are critical to SINSO, which means we can open Filecoin resources to data-oriented NFTs to maximize the value of the data. For example, you can build a data lending market on the cross-chain transaction of data-set NFTs. Thanks to its excellent security and censorship resistance, Filecoin has a wide range of applications in data rights confirmation.

Application Scenes

Scene 1: To ensure atomicity of metadata operations in NFT trading. Value: for NFT exchanges to provide a secure NFT trading environment.

Scene 2: DAPPs deployed on multiple chains achieve consistency of metadata access through Poly Network and SINSO Getway. Value: Get data stored in Filecoin to maximize its value across multiple chains;

Sample Code

Welcome JOIN SINSO & Poly Network


SINSO is committed to building the Web3.0 ecosystem for DAPPs, focusing on high-speed decentralized data cache and data governance. With an architecture designed to seamlessly migrate data to Web3.0, SINSO has provided a solution to the efficiency issues on the Filecoin network, and a variety of components for developers to assist in DAPPs iteration and migration in(to) Filecoin Network.

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About Poly Network

Poly Network is a global cross-chain protocol for implementing blockchain interoperability and building Web3.0 infrastructure. Poly Network has also integrated over 25 blockchains, including Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, Fantom, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Optimism, HECO, OKC, Neo, Ontology, Zilliqa, Elrond, Gnosis Chain, etc. Since the launch, the protocol has enabled cross-chain asset transfer of more than $16 billion USD, involving more than 350,000 addresses on different blockchains.

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