SINSO Weekly

2021.06 first week

The world’s first decentralized healthcare + NFT infrastructure project


· The latest video of Professor Michael’s speech on SINSO has been submitted to us. We will post it on YouTube with subtitles as soon as possible next week. As the chief scientist of Synso and a fellow of the National Academy of Sciences, Professor Kerry made his first appearance on the in-depth global topic of medical ecology and the SINSO project.

· Finding more information of Professor Michael at


· The first batch of early bird miners in Shenzhen will be connected to the SINSO test network, which is already in the implementation stage.

· We are still doing more testing and iterative improvement work on the product side.


· The Bigcoin community in Vietnam negotiated with SINSO to promote the local market and help SINSO to promote in the local market.

· On Thursday, we had the first round of communication with potential partners from the Middle East and Pakistan. There will be potential cooperation opportunities in project landing, fundraising and mining etc..


· We work with the Shanghai Branding team to produce an integrated marketing communication plan to prepare for SINSO’s future marketing programs.


· Through the blockchain conference of Carbine VC, we have obtained more potential investors, and many investors are optimistic about SINSO.


· Whylab will help us, we will release an online video interview and roadshow with the assistance of whylab next week.

· We participated in the 2021 Hangzhou “Wave” Blockchain Industry Impact Summit and gave a keynote speech on “How to Build a Medical Value Network”, which attracted widespread attention.



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