SINSO Weekly Newsletter

SINSO — The Web3.0 infrastructure simplifying decentralized storage and data governance. SINSO team is composed of top technical members from all over the world. Drawing support from the up-to-date achievements of the Filecoin network, SINSO will expand the middle layer of Web3.0 and solve the application iteration problems caused by Filecoin’s lack of a complete ecological infrastructure system. Without further ado, let’s get to the highlights of the week.


According to feedback from miners, the mining program v. 1.1.6 runs smoothly. To ensure that all miners have a good experience and get normal income — Dear miners, please update your program to the latest if you have not yet done so, and restart it with the parameter “ — resync true”.


After the addition of quarterly tasks to the Sonior mission list for June, the generous reward setting has attracted lots of new entrants. As the task completion report submission will end by July 10th, you still have the chance to play your part for June tasks. If you are interested, don’t hesitate to register for Sonior membership through the link below!

Apply to be a Sonior:


On June 14th, SINSO Ecosystem series AMA #3 with Artistone ended successfully. Held in SINSO Official TG Community, this AMA is themed on “To Listen to Artistone — Vision & Mission” In this AMA, Artistone elaborated on its vision and mission. And the new Bonus section also adds more fun and interactivity to this AMA, allowing everyone to know more about Artistone. Interested friends can enter SINSO Official Community TG community to view the details.


On June 14th, SINSO official announced partnership with FINX. FINX bridges crypto with real world by integrating digital assets into the global financial system, and has an all-in-one DeFi Ecosystem allowing users to store, stack, swap and spend digital assets seamlessly. FINX will utilize the SINSO Getway’s technology — a distributed-cache secondary network based on Filecoin created to store the high-valued NFT data. Furthermore, FINX and SINSO will also collaborate to develop a more efficient #NFT storage business in the future, making seamless NFT storage part of the existing FINX ecosystem.

On June 16th, SINSO official announced partnership with KAKA Metaverse. KAKA Metaverse is a competitive gaming ecosystem platform focusing on the metaverse blockchain gaming sector. It is committed to combining the application of NFT+DEFI in the ecosystem, constructing a cross-chain bridge based on the concept of global decentralization, integrating various IPs of global brands, and creating Decentralized Autonomous Management (DAO).



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Web3.0 Infrastructure Simplifying Decentralized HotData Cache and Data Governance