SINSO Weekly Newsletter

2 min readDec 25, 2021

SINSO is a Filecoin Layer 2+ infrastructure platform with top technical team members from all over the world. Drawing support from the up-to-date achievements of the Filecoin network, SINSO will expand the middle layer of Web3.0 and solve the application iteration problems caused by Filecoin’s lack of a complete ecological infrastructure system, and propel the transition of a wide range of DAPPs from Web2.0 to Web3.0.


This week, the R&D team continuously focused work on SINSO Distributed Cache Testnet. The current number of accessed nodes in Testnet has reached 1977. The R&D team has carried out maintenance and upgrades for the nodes’ network environment, and the system background has newly added a node sequence view & adjustment function and has cleaned up some redundant data to ensure the best operating efficiency of the nodes in the network environment.


On Dec. 20, SINSO began in-depth negotiations with CODEX Ventures. The two parties finally came to terms with cooperation to promote SINSO projects in South Korea, as well as resource docking and other multi-level collaborations. In the first phase, CODEX Ventures will support SINSO in all community promotions and will carry out continuous online communication activities in the near future to boost SINSO’s influence in Korea. CODEX Ventures is jointly established by professional investors in the blockchain industry and marketing & media organizations to help popular projects accelerate their development in Asia-Pacific regions such as South Korea.


On Dec. 22, the SINSO team established a strategic partnership with Vespertine Capital. Vespertine will provide SINSO with a full-process professional strategic development plan. Vespertine Capital is a well-known professional blockchain consulting, investment, and strategic planning service company in the industry. It has long been committed to promoting the rapid growth and exposure of blockchain startups.


This week, SINSO officially started ecosystem service, and successfully reached a cooperation with the first customer ArthaHealth, for which SINSO will provide Filecoin-based high-speed data storage services. ArthaHealth proposed to build an application center for active real-world health data, with the vision to build an active health & medical insurance closed-loop ecosystem outside the hospital.

SINSO can bring faster storage efficiency for DAPPs based on Filecoin Layer2 infrastructure with ensured data security, and provide the first network side chain for FVM with integrated Web3 infrastructure services. Next, SINSO will focus on building a business service ecosystem around DAPPs, Metaverse, GameFi, and NFT, and provide simple and easy-to-use solutions for completely decentralized data storage.




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