SINSO Weekly Newsletter

2 min readJan 8, 2022

SINSO is a Filecoin Layer 2+ infrastructure platform with top technical team members from all over the world. Drawing support from the up-to-date achievements of the Filecoin network, SINSO will expand the middle layer of Web3.0 and solve the application iteration problems caused by Filecoin’s lack of a complete ecological infrastructure system, and propel the transition of a wide range of DAPPs from Web2.0 to Web3.0.


In the first week of the New Year, SINSO development team continued efforts to construct the SINSO Distributed Cache Testnet. The current number of nodes accessed to Testnet has reached 2,528. To handle the reported problems like insufficient speed for node synchronization, the team carried out screening and optimization work. The comprehensive upgrade of the system environment also marks that the main protocol layer code functions of the SINSO Testnet have entered the best operating state.


On January 6, SINSO reached a partnership with the well-known decentralized wallet Coinhub, having Coinhub officially join the SINSO ecosystem as a popular partner. Coinhub is a decentralized multi-chain wallet that supports multiple platforms, integrating wallet, data, wealth management, mining, trading, and other functions. Now it supports 20+ public chains like BTC, ETH, HECO, BSC, Solana, MATIC, AVAX, FTM, etc. SINSO and Coinhub will continue to explore more cooperation possibilities regarding aspects like upgrading applications, user experience, security system, and so on.


Days ago, Filecoin Foundation released the list of 2021 Developer Grant. A total of 113 grants were awarded to organizations and projects from more than ten countries around the world, with a year-on-year increase of 69%. The Filecoin Foundation and Protocol Labs will continue to provide financial support to key development projects on a regular basis to collaborate with more Web3.0 ecosystem partners to build a stronger and more efficient decentralized network through the Filecoin ecosystem.


On January 5th, the third batch of whitelist applications for SINSO Distributed Cache Testnet nodes ended. The number of registrations reached more than 4,000 in less than a week. Next, the SINSO team will accelerate the screening of application and accessing of nodes to Testnet, and push the Testnet development into a new stage. Please stay tuned for more updates.




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