SINSO Weekly Newsletter

2 min readJun 27, 2022


SINSO — The Web3.0 infrastructure focusing on decentralized high-speed cache and FVM-based data governance. SINSO team is composed of top technical members from all over the world. Drawing support from the up-to-date achievements of the Filecoin network, SINSO will expand the middle layer of Web3.0 and solve the application iteration problems caused by Filecoin’s lack of a complete ecological infrastructure system. Without further ado, let’s get to the highlights of the week.


SINSO has opened the sixth batch of whitelist for the Testnet.

Miners who have passed the review will receive an email. Please read the introductions in the email and complete the node construction in time.

This whitelist application will end at 6:00AM UTC on July 1. Accessing to Testnet ’ll be complete in 5 days after application ends. Pls pay attention to official notice and your inbox.

Apply by:


There are only 15 days countdown to the end of June tasks of Sonior! Please arrange you schedule and complete the tasks in time. If you have any questions, please contact admin on SINSO Discord Channel.

The task report form will be posted on Discord #sonior-tasks next week. Please submit your report strictly according to the requirements.

Notice: There will be major updates on the next phase of the Sonior mission and SINSO Ambassador plan, so stay tuned!


On June 26, SINSO and THE PLANET OF THE HARES teamed up to host a Giveaway. To qualify for the event, participants should complete a series of tasks, for which the deadline is 2022.7.10 9:00AM UTC. The first 100 qualified participants will get the whitelist for NFTs with free mint! Now, join the event by get yourself qualified!


On June 22, SINSO officially announced a partnership with DataverseArt.

Dataverse is personal data space for curating metaverse assets like NFTs, which is only accessed by your identity. Encrypt your favorites into secure folders, and only you can decrypt folder names and contents. Dataverse plug-in is an identity data wallet that gives you the ability to curate and organize authentic contents into personal folder. Use the injected CurateButton to save anything you like directly on Opensea, Mirror, Youtube and more. Take your interest graphs with you and unlock personalized web in one place.




Web3.0 Infrastructure Simplifying Decentralized HotData Cache and Data Governance