SINSO’s Core Viewpoints

On July 23, 2021, at the “2021 Blockchain Storage Application Technology Innovation Forum” in Hangzhou, Franklin Jiang, Head of SINSO Global Technology, published “Medical Metaverse and NFT”, which aroused the interest of many audiences.The shared topics also expressed several important points of SINSO.

1. The current development of medical care has entered a state of involution, and ordinary innovations are meaningless, because most medical innovations only focus on output value rather than final results.

Through the 40 years of medical development and changes in the United States, we can see that patient satisfaction is decreasing, while medical expenses continue to rise. The ultimate goal of the medical industry is to build a healthy and beautiful society free from disease, not to continuously pursue medical GDP. We will find that the pursuit of medical GDP has plunged society into a quagmire. American society is a typical case. The direction of the United States is not our role model.

2. The main mission of the medical metaverse is to build a “deep empathy” medical world.

Medical care has been feudal and conservative for thousands of years, and the dawn of civilization has only gradually begun to appear in the 1960s. Through the history of medical development, we will find that medical care is a very special industry. The process of medical treatment involves a lot of complex factors, including humanities, emotions, pressure, knowledge, medicines, environment, and so on. However, we have found that doctors and patients are relatively blunt in the process of information exchange. The current system creates a situation that doctors and patients are not only in harmony and unity, but they are often on opposite sides. It has caused huge losses and waste, and the losses caused by this distrust have reached trillions. Modern medicine cannot get rid of the inherent uncertainty. If the medical process is very standardized and determined like McDonald’s, we will not complain that patients are always in the “shallow medical world”. In the future of medical care, trust is a starting point, and our dream is to build a “deep empathy” medical world. SINSO’s entrepreneurial dream is to “build a deeply empathetic medical world”.

3. The medical metaverse can be reversely mapped to the reality to produce an effect, but it needs the supporting business model

There are similarities and differences between the medical metaverse and pure digital art and games. The medical metaverse emphasizes the production relationship that affects reality from the metaverse back to reality.The similarity between the NFT of the game metaverse and the NFT of the medical metaverse is that both identities, ownership, assets, etc. are encrypted and protected through NFT.The medical metaverse is more complicated in the business model design. If NFT is to be able to promote the current medical production relationship, a new business model needs to be built around the medical metaverse, and the pure medical NFT technology will not be able to play its due role.Even if there is a very mature NFT trading market, there is little change in the status quo of medical care. The construction of the medical metaverse is a relatively large systematic project.

For how to realize the medical metaverse, we also have a series of supporting tools. This tool set is an open ecological model. Next, we will launch the open source ecological community of Web3 medical labs in August. Not only SINSO, SINSO is just one of the initiators of Web3 medical labs. We will unite partners with various expertise and various resources, and there are many bigwigs. Together, we will fulfill the ultimate dream of the medical metaverse.

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