Take Off! | Filecoin Announcing its Virtual Machine, Web3.0 Application Construction Be Firing on Full Power

Update: Filecoin officially announced its Virtual Machine (FVM), which allows Filecoin ecological developers to deploy smart contracts independently with no more need of bridging to other public chains like they used to do.

To CID, FVM brings more flexible programmability and compatibility. Combined with its native smart contract support, Filecoin will boost the application development of eco-Web3.0.

SINSO, as a Filecoin layer2 + infrastructure, will draw support from the up-to-date achievements of the Filecoin network and propel the transition of a wide range of DAPPs from Web2.0 to Web3.0, solving the application iteration problems caused by the lack of a complete ecological infrastructure system.

Currently, SINSO offers 4 major product components, namely SINSO Getway, SINSO DAPP Cube, SINSO Donors Network, and SINSO DAC to help app developers quickly and efficiently build applications in the Filecoin ecosystem.

In collaboration with storage providers, SINSO will advance the Filecoin Plus program, and build a Web3.0 application ecosystem that will be future-proofed.

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SINSO is a Filecoin Layer2 + infrastructure based on the Web 3.0 Ecosystem