The Advantages of SINSO in the Filecoin Layer2

First, we need to introduce the difference between SINSO Gateway and Ethereum Layer2.

Ethereum Layer2 — Its main function is on the off-chain expansion examples are the Polygon, Avalanche, Optimistic, Arbitrum, and other popular public-chain/side-chain that appeared this year.

All of them aim to improve the transaction speed and reduce the transaction cost on unlike the Main Ethereum Network. They also are introduced to solve the current problem of the Ethereum Network like the scalability issues’ before the launching of the ETH 2.0. In layman’s terms, The overpass is built on the congested highway of Ether. The core goal of Ethereum Layer2 is to improve efficiency while ensuring decentralization.

SINSO is the middle layer protocol based on Filecoin, and it is in Layer2 of Filecoin. Filecoin is the architectural infrastructure of future Web3.0 and the plans of Filecoin is richer than Ethereum. The Filecoin Layer2 bridges the smart contracts of other chains and this bridge smart contract board also belongs to the category of the Filecoin Layer2. Assuming there is no such onboard, it will be difficult to complete the mapping and migration of NFT’s data in the Filecoins’ system.

In addition, since Filecoin currently has low data reading and writing efficiency which also has not yet been released a search market, all of the storage efficiency and search are in urgent need to be fortified.

SINSO provides a series of components. For example, the SINSO Gateway can be used to store and extract valid data, and we have built-in industry communication protocols (such as Dicom 3.0 or HL7, FHIR, etc.) to help Filecoin do efficient data collection, validation, and formatting (can be in specific industries). These communication protocols are the middleware interface to extend the scope of Filecoin’s storage applications while facilitating the interface of real business.

SINSO Gateway has recently launched a hot data caching layer to help Filecoin do a CDN acceleration to improve the efficiency of DAPP access. This series of components are all part of the Filecoin Layer2.

It is because of the imperfection of the Filecoin ecosystem or Filecoin is more inclined to the storage market and the underlying structure of a capacity-proof system. We must extend the perimeter of Filecoin through the standardized communication protocol extension and various optimization techniques.

Understanding the business migration and transformation from web2.0 to web3.0. Currently, the main direction of Filecoin layer2 is to improve the efficiency of effective data collection and the ability of DAPP’s to store and retrieve data.


SINSO is a Filecoin layer2 + infrastructure based on the Web 3.0 ecosystem. After the capacity of the Filecoin network is built, a series of middleware and various infrastructures needs to be developed for DAPP applications to do a full transition to web 3.0, which is not yet complete in the Filecoin ecosystem. SINSO enables application developers to quickly and efficiently build applications in the Filecoin ecosystem and collaborate with storage providers to advance the Filecoin plus initiative.

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SINSO is a Filecoin Layer2 + infrastructure based on the Web 3.0 Ecosystem