The AMA with DCI ended successfully

The AMA with Dutch Crypto Investors ended successfully on March 7th. The theme of this AMA is “The key to open Web3 — SINSO Getway”. Mariya Ebirayim, CBO to SINSO was the speaker of this AMA.

Mariya has over 9 years of experience in the Fintech investment industry and 6 years of experience in PR & digital marketing & GBD (Global Business development) with an emphasis on Blockchain and Fintech. She has also invested in multi crypto projects as an early investor, helped multiple projects as a marketing and business advisor.

“SINSO, as an infrastructure of Web3.0 Ecosystem, will go online as Filecoin’s first Layer2 network.” said Mariya, CBO at SINSO. “As more and more DApps are going to build on Filecoin, causing to Filecoin much stress of data storage and migration. SINSO works to expand the middle layer of Web3.0, and propels the transition of a wide range of DApps from Web2.0 to 3.0. ”

The following are the main Q&A of this AMA:

Host: What is SINSO Getway?

Mariya: SINSO Getway is a Distributed Cache Network system that includes node providers, data protocol stack node verifiers, node candidates, node guarantors, users, and other participants. It supports the efficient development of various Gamefi, NFT, VR, AR and other applications by relieving all DApps from building IPFS adjacent nodes for data caching, and providing a safer open L2 cache network with higher performance and lower cost. In addition to SINSO Getway, SINSO has rich components like SINSO DAPP Cube, SINSO Donors Network and SINSO DAC.

Host: Can you tell us in detail on SINSO Getway’s short-run planning and future prospects?

Mariya: The short-term plan is to upgrade the SINSO Testnet and maintain its stability. In the near future, we will build a hardware basic network, for which at least 10,000 nodes must be completed to ensure stability. We will soon introduce ecological partners. SINSO Getway will become a L2 cache network for Filecoin to capture valid data and improve the efficiency of web3.0 applications. Focusing on expanding applications, SINSO Getway will link with SINSO DAC governance and Let SINSO Getway become an important infrastructure of SINSO DAC.

Host: Who can benefit from SINSO Getway?

Mariya: First of all, the construction of Distributed Cache Network requires certain hardware and network facilities. Miners can participate in mining to obtain $SINSO token rewards. At present, the entire network has developed more than 7,000 nodes. Ecological_partners can get more rewards by deploying valid data protocol stacks on the Testnet. Community users can obtain permission to use the API and participate in various activities by staking. Investors reap long-term gains in a deflationary economic model.

Host: Which kind of projects can become SINSO’s ecological partners, and what benefits can ecological partners obtain?

Mariya: All DApps that generate and store data can become SINSO’s ecological partners, such as NFT, Gamefi, Socialfi, SportsFi etc. We have a hierarchical strategy for data storage. You can choose temporary or persistent storage. As an ecological partner, first of all, you can get storage space at a very cheap price, which can save a lot of effort and costs compared to building storage nodes yourself. According to the settlement plan of the ecological partners, the settled DApp will receive income, and will gain comprehensive benefits in terms of branding, traffic, and storage capacity.

As you can see from the tweets, users are very concerned about SINSO, here are four questions we randomly selected from hundreds of comments:

Q1:What kind of innovation will SINSO bring to harness the power of blockchain? And what do investors stand to benefit?

Mariya: At the present stage, SINSO aims to improve Filecoin’s storage efficiency and make it easier for Filecoin to collect valid data. The innovation of SINSO is to strengthen the innovation of data governance in the field of web3. For example, the SINSO Getway Distributed Cache Network we are building now can expand the boundary of the NFT domain, allowing NFT with larger & more efficient data storage and more decentralized access. In the near future, we will launch a plugin and SDK for NFT Favorites, allowing developers to further experience the benefits brought by SINSO Getway.

Investors will benefit from working with SINSO in many ways, not just in terms of financial returns. We are consolidating and strengthening an unprecedented ecosystem of data usage which will have greater opportunities than areas like DeFi. After SINSO Getway and other web3.0 infrastructure are fully prepared, we will continue to develop our DApp based on Web3.0: Dicom Network. The Dicom Network’s core goal is to democratize medical care. You have to do some homework of democratizing medical care, this is a new concept. Currently no permanent, complete, privacy-secure solution for storing medical data. We boldly open this window for the future of web3.0 healthcare.

Q2: What is SINSO? How important do you think interoperability between ecosystems is to the future of blockchain technology? How do you pave the way for that future? Does the mission represent the desires of many communities?

Mariya: As you know, SINSO is Filecoin’s first layer2 infrastructure and is one of the key components to building web3 applications. While the layer2 racetrack in the public chain field has been in furious competition, SINSO in the field of data storage has very rare competitors.

Currently, DApps are putting forward higher requirements in user experience and data security, and there is an urgent demand for a “bridge layer” that can access various DApp data layers. We think this is the key to expanding our current Blockchain interoperability. Filecoin is still the best globally recognized Web3 technological base. When developing a Gamefi product, storing data in Filecoin as soon as possible will be considered, and storage tiering and data security gradation will be conducted — which usually is time consuming and costly. SINSO will rightly solve that problem. Filecoin is going to launch FVM, and we can’t wait to build Data DAO governance based on FVM. Our DAOs will be driven by tasks. We’ll start deploying the first part of DAOs tasks on SINSO Testnet in April. The community can claim tasks and follow the rules to get rewards.

Q3: The main source of community instability has been found to be Speculators. You can’t totally prevent speculators from participating, but you can limit their participation. How would you deal with this problem, and what policies do you have in place to keep speculators at bay?

Mariya: By referring to “behavior design”, we decided to construct a DAO organization. We believe behind speculative behaviors there is also self motivation. We don’t reject speculation, but rather, we will implement tough policies and differential treatment, since speculation is not a wise way of marketing. At the technical level, we’re seeing in the middle of this year the release of Filecoin FVM, a smart contract system based on data governance, and we’ll be building on FVM. SINSO DAC, as a data governance oriented DAO, will give a preview release on our Testnet. We constrain speculative behavior by setting rules and tasks, at the same time enriching the use cases of $SINSO tokens and allowing users to define DAC rules themselves with our framework. The core goal is to get communities to contribute to ecological projects.

Q4: What industries does the SINSO project focus on and who are the target users? Does SINSO plan to establish partnerships with local cryptocurrency developers in each country to make the use of SINSO more global?

Mariya: We’ve closely followed with interest the Web3 industries related to data storage, especially NFT, Gamefil, Socialfi, and the metaverse. Anything that involves decentralized data storage has drawn our attention, and we want them to make good use of Filecoin. In the field of NFT, the infrastructure is still not perfect, and the boundaries of NFT are expanding. Once we encountered the requirement to store ultra-large image NFT (with hundreds of G Bytes). Whereas current storage efficiency and the decentralized architecture of NFT cannot keep pace with The Times. So we created the SINSO Getway component. We will prepare a series of tools and APIs to provide user-friendly interfaces for developers. SINSO Token will be an important gas in the Web3 field.

We will cooperate with various ecological projects over the globe, and bring more projects into SINSO ecology. Our community communication and promotion system can help some start-up projects to be promoted globally, achieving a win-win situation. We will find high-quality partners in every industry, including medical and e-commerce, to make technical demos and cases as soon as possible. By sharing these cases, we can give more inspiration to the global community and speed up the promotion and replication of the project.

The users in the Dutch Crypto Investors community are very active, highly valued, and curious about the future and development of SINSO. In the live segment, hundreds of questions appeared in the Community in a short period of time. The following are some of the Q&A between Mariya and the users:

Q1: About Sonior program, are there any requirements to join this program? Are there any rewards for successful participation?

Mariya: Our SINSO DAC is a DAO governance, and any form of the contribution will get corresponding rewards. In addition, we’re about to launch SINSO’s Sonior program, one to last over months. We will issue to each Sonior exclusive decentralized identity and Sonior number. As long as you have skills or expertise in programming, translation, copywriting, visual design, community management, etc., you can apply to become a Sonior.

We have also prepared a wealth of rewards, such as priority to know the major project developments, get benefits from activities organized by SINSO, including tokens, airdrops, etc., and the possibility of becoming a SINSO project consultant. Your income will be determined by the value you create. And the specific rules will be announced later.

For the specific application method, please go to the official group of SINSO ( to ask the admins.

Q2: Almost 4/5 of investors are focused purely on the price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value and health of the project. Could you tell us the motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token for the long term?

Mariya: You are right, most digital currencies have no use other than investment. But the $SINSO token is different. We have a variety of uses. The simplest is gas fee and staking in the ecosystem. It will be used as a valuable token in the Dapp in the medical field that we are developing, such as making an appointment with a doctor, purchasing NFTs and more.

The following are detailed instructions:

1) Firstly, SINSO encourages valid data to be stored in Filecoin ecosystem with SINSO tokens. SINSO provides the construction of distributed cache nodes, as a fast channel for Filecoin valid data storage. Node builders also need to lock a portion of SINSO token as staking.

2) Mining nodes bound with valid data protocol stacks will be rewarded 1~5 times, and developer nodes that provide valid data protocols will be rewarded 1~5 times, too. Uploading real business data to the node requires SINSO token to be consumed as gas fee, but FIL token rewards can be obtained during the LDN (large datacap) promotion period.

3) Using SINSO token, dynamic data set NFTs can be published on the FVM side chain. If NFT is to be issued, a part of SINSO token must be pledged. The sharing transaction of the data set corresponding to the NFT will burn a part of SINSO token as a handling fee. In addition to minting dynamic dataset NFTs, our regular contract execution will use SINSO token as a gas fee, which will be much cheaper than the mainstream FVM.

4) Data DAO will be governed by SINSO tokens. Users will obtain voting rights and dividend rights by staking SINSO token. Data DAO is an organization with data governance as its core.








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