The Application Paradigm of SINSO Getway

Distributed Cache Network

The Incentive Model of Donors Network

Filecoin has entered a critical phase of construction and development, but it is still not very user-friendly for DApp builders. To improve the developer experience, Filecoin and its partners have developed NFT. Storage and, which have gained a large number of users. Yet these two projects only dealt with the early stages of experience and testing, and did not address subsequent issues, such as storage charge and sustainable service. SINSO Getway wants to build a more durable crowdsourcing network with an incentive model to maintain the operation of Filecoin Layer2.

Data Protocol Stack Nodes

The SINSO Economics Whitepaper states that "SINSO Getway bound to valid data protocol stack nodes will be rewarded at β times - β refers to its weighting coefficient, which will be determined by the SINSO DAC voting governance. This means that SINSO Getway Distributed Cache Nodes will play a critical role in actual production.” SINSO DAC is an important component to be used by SINSO Getway next or to say SINSO Getway will be included in the governance framework of SINSO DAC -- which will be introduced in the next chapter. To ensure that the data sources collected by SINSO Getway are valid, we take measures from two aspects:
1. Adopt the whitelist system for ecological projects, supplemented by KYC for registration verification. KYC relies on third-party tools, and the primary KYC target is the actual Data Operators. This requires some manual review, which will be performed by SINSO DAC when its governance framework is mature.
2. Binding of valid data protocol stack nodes. SINSO Getway data stack nodes are for landing high-quality ecological projects, rather than blindly expanding the base miners. We see a lot of negative examples of eco-projects where miners build much faster than developer communities. Building networks and storage resources are easy, but research and development are certainly difficult. To balance this relationship, economic models should encourage contributors to effective data and give special rewards. Certified and registered valid data protocol stack nodes will have some automatic data parsing and data format discrimination capabilities. This is a very large blueprint that has to be motivated by crowdsourcing networks, and it’s not just a task for SINSO’s founding team. We can continue to enrich our previous figure.



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Web3.0 Infrastructure Simplifying Decentralized HotData Cache and Data Governance