The Mission of SINSO Getway

As a distributed-cache secondary network based on Filecoin, SINSO Getway is built for current use scenarios required by Gamefi, VR, AR, video streaming, as well as high-speed CDN and DAPP response. In addition to ensuring decentralization, user data privacy and security, SINSO Getway meanwhile focuses on improving efficiency. With wide applications in the Metaverse ecology, it is the key infrastructure contributing to the Filecoin ecosystem by seamlessly integrating data and smart contracts.

If we consider the Filecoin ecosystem as a “data processing factory”, then SINSO Getway can be regarded as the multi-lane highway and standardized “data logistics system” leading to the “factory”. As we know, the Filecoin network has a capacity of 14EB, but there is not much valid data actually stored.

The officially launched Filecoin LDN plan (Filecoin Plus for large datasets, accessible by shows a tendency that Filecoin is to kickstart applications landing on a large scale, and will continue to accelerate Datacap releases (Datacap refers to a valid data share that has been audited by a notary. If this share forms an effective computing power, it will be rewarded 10 times the income. Of course, the staking is 10 times as high).

To promote the large-scale landing of applications in the Filecoin ecosystem, a highway leading to the “data processing factory” is needed. That is exactly what SINSO Getway will do as a Distributed Cache Nodes Network and an important step contributing to the Filecoin ecology.

Looking back, when we were building Web3 applications in the Filecoin ecosystem, the intermediate cache is still using Web2 architecture, to which the common solution is to ask DAPP developers to build IPFS adjacent nodes. Such a process requires plenty of investment and debugging work in hardware, which is time-consuming and laborious.

If regarding Filecoin as the most persistent storage, DAPP will not write all the data into Filecoin, such as temporarily calculated data, unimportant cached data, and other information that does not require persistent storage. Instead, these data should be stored in the secondary cache network.

When constructing the secondary data network, SINSO Getway adopted the logic of WEB3.0 and created a safer decentralized second-level cache network, where data can also be encrypted. Developers only need to open an account on SINSO Getway to use the network resources. Like when deploying an Ethereum application after renting an Ethereum full node in the cloud, developers do not need to construct by themselves any other nodes. Contrasting to web2.0 cloud nodes, which are exclusive and costly, SINSO Getway takes on a crowdsourcing model and creates a distributed network of nodes built by community members. The redundancy of nodes makes the network more resistant to attacks, more error-resilient, and more secure to use. The access of SINSO Getway to Filecoin is natural and of the highest quality. Developers can choose to deposit persistently a part of data in Filecoin, which can bring ten times the revenue if the developers get Datacap. As noted by our first batch of users, SINSO Getway is a “Filecoin valid data capturer” of high availability that brings a win-win result for both the developers and the Filecoin ecology.

SINSO Getway was incubated by the SINSO Foundation, and finally organized and taken over by the SINSO DAC framework to achieve automation and autonomy. SINSO Getway is an open system. After the preliminary Testnet is complete, all roles and parties can enter it and exit freely. When SINSO Getway’s economic model is mature, SINSO DAC will finally hand over and adjust the parameters in order to better maintain the stability of the system.

The first step of SINSO Getway is to build network infrastructures. Just like a standardized logistics system needs to be established after building a highway, we must devise to make data packaging orderly and standardized, resembling the containers and logistics specifications.

SINSO Getway will not blindly pursue the expansion of capacity, but instead, take account of balancing calculation and bandwidth. With higher requirements for cache performance and bandwidth capacity, SINSO Getway focuses on comprehensive performance indicators, rather than a single indicator.

Next, SINSO Getway will carry out the construction of valid data protocol stack nodes. This process will start after the capacity scale reaches a certain level and gets incentivized through the scarcity threshold. The incentive model is similar to that of Filecoin Plus. Whereas SINSO Getway gives higher rewards to contributors pioneering to develop applications.

SINSO project has its roots in the Filecoin Acceleration Camp with a deep understanding of standard communication protocols of the medical industry. The role of SINSO Getway is the equivalent of a high-speed rail station or a port built near the “data processing factory” to facilitate the steady arrival of “raw materials” (standardized data) to the Filecoin ecosystem. In terms of scalability, binding SINSO Getway to industry-standard communication protocols will make the Filecoin ecosystem even more powerful. For example, by binding it to the Dicom communication protocol, then theoretically 99% of the world’s medical data in specific formats can enter Filecoin smoothly. Actually, we have finished auditing and verifying this format, leading to close collaborations of global medical institutions. As the world’s largest zero-knowledge proof network, Filecoin is an open ecosystem from which anyone can derive valuable information and innovate, and establish the largest human collaborations. The infrastructures provided by SINSO Getway will accelerate the realization of that vision.

First and foremost, large-scale human collaboration is based on data-level coordination. As the world’s largest zero-knowledge-proof network, Filecoin has a large number of underutilized computing infrastructures, which, if exploited rationally, will change the destiny of mankind. The spread of Omicron (B.1.1.529) reminds us again that large-scale human data collaboration will be necessary. Data cannot exist on isolated islands and humans cannot stand still on the road towards collaboration and trust. We should create more value through the Filecoin ecosystem.

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SINSO is a Filecoin Layer2 + infrastructure based on the Web 3.0 Ecosystem

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SINSO is a Filecoin Layer2 + infrastructure based on the Web 3.0 Ecosystem

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