The Value of SINSO

5 min readApr 29, 2021


— Franklin Jiang

Algorithm is a combination of organism and human — — — -Yuval Noah Harari.

The waves rise and fall, but the tide keeps rising — — — — Julian Huxley

SINSO is supposed to be like organisms that is combined with algorithms, thus build a new species. We’ll get it ready for expansion, changing and other life forms, just like microbial evolution, if it revolves serving humankind, it should be wrapped around humans and eventually become a part of them. In fact, the inside of human body has formed a small universe of microflora, and has long been involved in the vital activities of human life.

There is no supreme human being in the universe, the production relations rebuilding mentioned in the blockchain world is inevitable. The conceited thought that human is noble is just a psychological effect that makes ourselves feel better, life is more like a “biocenosis”, or “energy collection” of “assets”, and “assets” refer to the wisdom and technology we generated in our inner universe. The birth of blockchain technology seems like a voice of the “host”, the “host “expects us to have greater viability in the future, and hope to redeem us from abyss. “Host” has been skilled in application of “consensus during millions years of evolution. But we can only deliver such ideas roughly through technical compliance. In this early stage of blockchain century, we use computer algorithms to react on human society and solve various problems. With the further development of network, we have created better solutions and became more and more efficient. Because as individuals, we are already gridding human beings in network nodes, and can’t be separated from the network groups and exist independently. Both life and cultural symbols will be deeply imprinted by algorithms.

SINSO needs to build up a technology architecture that can lead humankind to health in the medical care area as soon as possible, we also need to gather algorithms effectively, and establish a community that is able to evolve itself. In turn, SINSO DAC will reshape the organization through code. SINSO will bring considerable benefits. If we reduce losses through trust-building, and take full advantage of SINSO’s philosophy, our medical care costs will decrease by 50%. For example, China’s total medical expenditure is about 5 trillion yuan, there should be a potential market for efficiency optimization valued at around 2 trillion yuan, value-added market is not counted yet.

The first step will be Web3-based paradigm transformation, distributed storage architecture, blockchain and cryptography will bring us a brand-new world. We’ve turned the basis of data operations from individuals and local area network to “planet size”, perhaps it is Filecoin that set an example for Web3 imagination. The data we collect will not only from hospitals, medical records, what we need is comprehensive, in-depth phenotypic data related to human life. Microbial populations are not only highly socialized organisms, but also engaged in some kind of global decentralization democratic behavior. Although each bacterial cell is an individual, it is able to interact with organisms with very different backgrounds and process genes exchange. Just as we know that our consciousness is only an expression of the ‘host’, but we need to build a tightly connected ‘community’ of life information. We can think of web3 as a hotbed of the “host”, without which individuals will not be able to connect network algorithms. To date, instead of spending a lot of time and effort to build infrastructure from scratch, we only need to choose the right “hotbed”. The era offers us such opportunities. Because with support from “hotbed”, we can let it grow freely by defining the host paradigm slightly. To this day, many of us are not satisfied with the current “hotbed”, it can be dangerous and ugly. Just as we feel that boiling craters have nothing to do with life, in fact, the birth of human being and microorganisms are directly related to volcanic eruptions. And I find it really hard to believe that humankind is evolved from the boiling soup of the crater.

The purpose of personal data claiming is for “group benefit”, a private domain is needed before exchanging energy, it’s something like the cell wall. We are not a project that emphasizes individual safety more than anything else, individuals are for the development of the “population”. We need to establish a niche market for exchanging information and value. In SINSO system, the code set of this niche market is SINSO Donors Network. ‘’The so-called strong men who have never learned cooperative tricks will be dumped in the wasteland of evolution and extinction.” The reality shows a very dangerous condition. It’s harder to get two door-to-door hospitals to share data than it is to do a cross-border trading. Hospital is not the problem, but we lack a correct paradigm for exchanging information. This is something wrong with the existing host’s “hotbed”. In fact, the approaches are wrong, no matter how hard we work, it is useless.

When looking at out cells through an electron microscope, we can see mitochondria, chloroplasts and cilia, which are all genetic memories of ancient organisms. Only after a long period of “cooperation” can we have today’s human population. Humankind will not exist without “cooperation”. SINSO is a clarion call for human cooperation, and an expression of ancient will of “host”. Hostile competitors coexist and achieve with each other while swallowing each other. SINSO needs to seek wisdom from microbial evolution. Our biggest obstacle may be cognitive impairment, can’t even see clearly and cannot understand ourselves.

If emotion is an algorithm, then the doctor-patient relationship is ultimately a question of how algorithms are connected. There is no so-called good or bad algorithm, only successful algorithms. At present, the reverse effect of silicon base on the carbon world has never been stronger. The AI era has begun, but the link of the algorithm is still very poor. SINSO is a place for AI to evolve.

As an off-site tourist, AI has been targeted by the “host”. Although it is currently a bit weak, it has strong evolutionary ability. In fact, either carbon-based or silicon-based species can be transformed into species with “life” characteristic. Just like many lives embrace sunlight for photosynthesis, while others embrace dangerous cosmic rays and absorb all energy. The purpose of cooperation is for the continuation of the “population”, which is an eternal theme of life.

SINSO will open up a new land for the application of AI in medical care. Technology is not the key, rules, algorithms and paradigms are. To create the first evolutionable paradigm in the medical field, this is the value of SINSO.




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