“Turkish Vanguard” SINSO Airdrop Campaign

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SINSO, a Web3 infrastructure specializing in distributed storage and data governance, has been expanding its global market reach. Recognizing Turkey’s pioneering role in the global cryptocurrency field and its potential for future development, we are excited to launch the “Turkish Vanguard” SINSO Airdrop Campaign.

This #Airdrop campaign aims to 1> expand SINSO Turkish Community and 2> seek individuals with a deep understanding of digital currencies and a passion for joining SINSO team as Ambassador.

As the Ambassador for SINSO’s Turkish community, you’ll have the opportunity to expand SINSO’s local and global reach while honing your skills in various contexts. We offer comprehensive training and support to help you understand our products and services, as well as assist users in problem-solving and meeting their needs. As a member of our global team, you’ll collaborate with outstanding talents from around the world to drive SINSO’s development in the global market.

Below you’ll find the details for this Airdrop Campaign and what you need to be a qualified SINSO Ambassador.

I. Activity Time

6AM UTC, 2023/4/25–2023/5/7

II. Prize Pool

3,000 SINSO

III. Tasks

Complete the tasks by Task Verification Link 🔗https://giv.gg/QdlFSG

For your information, 1️⃣SINSO Mainnet Miner’s Operation:
2️⃣Miner’s Staking Guide: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1L83gbgTG-KCn1h_Des0RQ2EG1L7IjStVEZa82h10Feo/edit?usp=sharing
3️⃣Guarantor’s Staking Guide:

IV. Reward Rules

Successfully building a SINSO Mainnet node and recommending an Ambassador willgreatly increases your chance of winning the Airdrop Campaign, the prize of which totaled 3000 $SINSO.

Part I. Community Incentives

You can tell from the task list that we will count the number of people you invite to the SINSO Turkish Community and ranking them in the invitation campaign. Once the number of members in SINSO Turkish Community reaches 1234, Community Incentives will be activated, and the top 100 inviters will be eligible for a chance to share a total of 1200 SINSO, according to the rules below.

If the total number of TG Chat members in SINSO Turkish Community does not meet the above conditions by the end of the Airdrop Campaign, and the number of community members reaches 500, an alternative reward mechanism will be activated as shown below.

Part II. Task Points Module — 1500 SINSO

Individuals who have already received rewards from the invitation campaign will not be eligible for additional rewards from this points module. The rewards will be divided into two categories, with a total prize pool of 1500 SINSO. 👇

Part III. Community Quizes — 300 SINSO

During the campaign, SINSO will host two live quizzes in SINSO official TG Chat and one in the SINSO Turkish Community. Each quiz will feature 10 questions, with 10 winners to share 100 SINSO.

Details of this part will roll out soon. Please pay attention to tweets of SINSO on Twitter.

IV. Special Ambassador Accessment Channel

First, here come some reference qualification for your Ambassador recommendation.

  1. Experience in building communities on social platforms such as Telegram, Discord, etc. (with more than 500 members on their own Telegram/Discord/other social platforms)
  2. Having more than 500 followers on social media platforms such as Twitter, YouTube, Tik Tok, Facebook, etc.
  3. Active in the blockchain industry, endorsing SINSO’s vision and values, and willing to grow and develop together with SINSO.
  4. Passionate about cryptocurrencies and have relevant experience, with enough time and industry awareness to interact effectively with community users.

Ambassador recommenders assist in establishing connections between Ambassador candidates and the SINSO team. If the candidate meets the requirements and passes the review, the recommender will receive corresponding points in the Task Points Module (the earlier the connection is established, the better). After that, the Ambassador candidate will enter a one-month internship assessment period.

Internship Assessment Indicators

  1. Successfully establish a community with more than 500 members and synchronously disseminate SINSO-related information in the community (translate official Twitter content and articles into local languages for promotion in the community).
  2. The daily activity of the community should be over 150 (valid dialogues), and the community topics should be related to SINSO (such as SINSO updates, product updates, etc.).
  3. Create 4–6 promotional posters and 2–4 promotional videos (content/suggestions for poster and video can be obtained from the team members).
  4. Produce 1–2 tutorial videos every month, such as showcasing new features of SINSO products, participating in SINSO activity tutorials, etc. (the team members will provide video themes every month, and you can also communicate with the team members if you have good ideas).
  5. Successfully hold an offline event related to SINSO (need to submit the offline event plan to the team in advance and pass the team’s review; you can apply for a certain amount of event funding, and the event funding will be disbursed within seven working days after the event ends).
  6. Successfully recommend a project and establish a cooperative relationship with SINSO.

As a high-quality project on the BSC chain, SINSO currently looks for community ambassadors globally. If you wish to expand the influence of SINSO locally and enhance your personal capabilities, you are welcome to join SINSO. Our team offers competitive compensation for Ambassadors with comprehensive benefits that exceed industry standards.

V. Notification

1. All Airdrop participants should pay attention to task details and related tutorials, and stay tuned for SINSO official news;

2. When the campaign ends, SINSO will complete the calculation and review of the results within 7 days and then will publish the winner list and related information. The appeal period is 3 days after the winner list is announced. If you have any questions, please contact the community admins in time during the appeal period. Otherwise, your complaint will not be considered, and the loss caused by the user’s failure to appeal within the validity period shall be borne by the user himself;

3. The reward for this airdrop, which are official SINSO tokens on AmStar mainnet, will be distributed to the corresponding addresses within 7 days after the end of the appeal period;

4. If you have any problems during the process, you can contact the relevant staff in time, and if there are people who spread inappropriate remarks, SINSO will reserve the right to pursue relevant responsibilities;

5. The final interpretation right of this activity belongs to SINSO.




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