Why SINSO Donors Network (III)

4 min readAug 4, 2023


From the above figure, we can see the collaborative relationship between SINSO Donors and SINSO Developers. SINSO’s Developer Component Library is called SINSO DApp Cube, which is built by numerous developers. DataLand is the first project officially incubated within this ecosystem, and in the future, there will be more brilliant outcomes, since it is an open ecosystem where anyone can use SINSO’s resources to develop projects.

As developers gain profits through the utilization of storage resources and user growth, they are required to return the profits to the Donors Network following the rules of DApp Cube. As long as the project holds value, it will attract user interest and support, forming an investment and development ecosystem that operates in a closed loop.

In the traditional world of Web2.0, developers often receive only small amounts of funding from entrepreneurs, and they must go through application and approval processes. This process can be akin to bait from large cloud computing companies, where the true cost remains uncertain until later stages. However, within the SINSO developer ecosystem, this procedure is circumvented by adopting an “instantly accessible” approach. Typically, Donors have already opened up resources, ready for developers to enter the scene. In rare instances of extreme developer influx leading to insufficient allocated resources, this parameter can be regulated by increasing incentives for Donors, prompting more investors to participate in contributions. In reality, resource scarcity rarely occurs because developers are scarcer than investors, and the application development cycle is longer.

Countless developers come together to build an extensive SINSO component library, resulting in systemic dividends that go beyond individual projects’ profits. This forms an ecosystem, not solely dependent on the returns from single projects.

As developers increase in numbers, more profits will be generated and fed back to the SINSO Donors Network. By bringing together investors and developers, the returns obtained by investors are not limited to the gains from individual projects but rather encompass systemic returns. This is akin to the dividends of peace, vast fields, and technology that we inherited at birth — benefits obtained from the efforts of the previous generation of investors and builders, which we get to enjoy without having put in any effort. Following our algorithm, we enable investors to immediately enjoy returns that stem from the systemic dividends created by the previous group of builders, and their value creation will continue to benefit subsequent generations of investors.

Users and investors are unified; users, in addition to purchasing services, can also become investors, effectively embodying both roles. Investment will become a popular endeavor, as we leverage the transparency of the system to quantify contributions and lower barriers, making investment a transparent crowd-sourced act. The investment behaviors within the SINSO ecosystem are directed and governed by unified rules.

While the introduction of Profit entails uncertain income composition, the system is optimizing to provide investors with maximized ecological dividends and reducing research and development costs and barriers to a minimum. Targeted investors within the Donors Network can receive the first batch of guaranteed profits, from what we broadly refer to as the “PoS model.” However, these deterministic profit rules are not obtained effortlessly; maximizing profits still requires effort and labor.

“Contribution” will be a significant theme in the SINSO ecosystem, where we constantly explore a “contributor-centric” approach, ensuring those who contribute the most receive the highest returns. Our incentive system guides and quantifies these contributions, ultimately generating maximum systemic dividends.

The complete and robust SINSO ecosystem will emerge within the next year, showcasing a powerful and integrated landscape.

In our next post, we will elaborate on our revenue structure and incentive mechanism.

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SINSO Donors Network is an economic and incentive model based on a deep phenotype analysis model of data and a middleware system for data trading.

It automates the matching of data purchasers to complete data transactions while providing incentives to storage miners and related contributors. Its various NFT data templates for all-industry dynamic data sets aggregate data resources and enable users, research institutions, and others to better leverage and realize data assets. SINSO Donors Network also used SINSO Getway in a more flexible way of cooperation, allowing SINSO Getway to build a complete incentive model.




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